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    Why These 5 Adwords Tools Can Supercharge Your Profits

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    If you’re a beginner, some of these tools may be a handful at first. However, in truth, they are all chock-full of information and online support, so that shouldn’t hold you back. Pricing varies, but you can watch demos, take free courses and sign up for a trial.

    So assuming that you are comfortable with the Adwords web interface by now, you should advance to more productive tools.  They will get you to faster profits and save you tons of time.

    Please see below a list of Google Adwords Powertools you may not know about:

    1. http://www.adwordaccelerator.com/ (recommended). Issues solved:
    - get more visitors
    - find more affordable keywords
    - save tons of time
    - learn from your competitors
    - slash advertising costs
    - boost click-through rates
    - make adwords your friend

    Sign up and get some killer tips to improve your current campaigns. You can buy it for $37 a month. See the “buy” page here: http://adwordaccelerator.com/buy/. I have used this tool, and it’s pretty awesome. Recommended.

    2. http://www.speedppc.com/ (major timesaver – recommended) Issues solved:
    - time spent on PPC campaigns
    - competitive bidding
    - poor quality scores
    - low click-through rates
    - landing pages with low conversion rates
    - sky-high minimum bid prices
    - ineffective tracking

    You can sign up to get a free, seven-day e-mail course to help you on the right track. Have not used this, but it comes well recommended. And even though it’s costly, it can save you insane amounts of hours, specifically for larger campaigns.

    3. http://www.hexatrack.com/ Issues solved:
    - uncover profitable niches–super useful for affiliate work
    - legally spy on your competition
    - track and understand the top spots, their ad placements
    - R & D = Ripoff & Duplicate legally: Get the best money-making ads
    - track competitors’ ad copy and let them split test for you

    You also get built in keyword research tools, profitability scores, how many ads you are competing against and much more. Here’s a price comparison sheet: http://www.hexatrack.com/comparison-chart-new.php between free and paid.

    4. http://www.AdTextGenerator.com (recommended). Issues solved:

    - faster way to generate profitable campaigns in an hour (or less)
    - discover why most advertisers–you included–don’t do ads right
    - ads tested to dominate paid rankings for each and every keyword, matched into its own ad group
    - simple clicks of the mouse to generate your ads
    - uncovers what ads are already generating the highest click-through-rates
    - easily customizable; no need to ever write ads from scratch again
    - fast testing; find out what works quickly
    - incredible time savings

    Get your copy to slash your costs, boost your profits and save countless hours of time. (NOTE: Be sure to act fast.  You want to be the one using this tool against your competition . . . and not at the other end of the stick. I also beta-tested this tool, and the developers are over the top.)

    Lastly, don’t forget to use the free tool from Google, Adwords Editor, and learn the advanced ways in which you can upload and manage your entire campaigns. It’s a desktop power tool, and any serious Adwords manager must have this in his or her tool arsenal. Test these tools and get on the road to productivity today.

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    1. Angelina says:

      Hi Jon,
      I promote PPC Bully – online competitive intelligence tool.
      What do you think about such tool for spying on the competitors?

    2. hie Jon,

      Thanks for these great tools. I am using google adwords and these tools have help me a lot.

      Michel Richer

    3. Justin says:

      Thanks for all of the information and also the list of tools that will hopefully make my life easier! Great Post!

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