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    Marketer Seth Godin Cranks Out A Milestone (5000th Blog Post)

    If you want to learn how to get inspired to write, read and listen to Master Marketer and Business Rockstar Seth Godin. In the video below, Seth talks about how he gave something away for free, where he got the inspiration from, and how he got 3,000 people to read it Day 1. It does not end there, however. He’s considered an uber-smart marketer and business man. You would expect him to map this process out in great detail. I just sense he didn’t plan this out much. He just made it happen. Maybe what he did  just “make sense” …

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    8 Simple Tips For Successful Guest Posting

    If you know anything about blog promotion, you’re likely to have heard about the benefits of guest posting. When done correctly, guest posting is one of the easiest ways to get a blog noticed. Unfortunately however, when done incorrectly, it’s a very easy way to waste your time. If you want to get published on the best blogs, there are a number of things that you need to get right. The best blogs receive hundreds of guest post proposals and standing out is not easy. Here are eight simple tips for writing guest posts and getting them published on the …

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    5 Cool Retro Video Tools For iPhone Bloggers

    A powerful toolset for any blogger or journalist building a presence and following online must include techno-gadgets. In his/her toolbelt, the iPhone is standard. The iPhone Application Directory has hundreds of thousands of apps, and many are free. When it comes to video tools and apps, Instagram has proven itself many times over, and is a popular download. The inventors idea was simple: make an app that matches the old, vintage cameras of yester-year. The idea is to create different effects that stand out, tell a story – made simple – with a click and a few dials on your …

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    Awesome Blogging Success For Small Business in 38 Minutes Video

    Blogging… and running a blog has become so important (read: a must) for an online business today. And, for small businesses specifically – the idea of sharing, engaging and becoming a trusted authority is key to long term success online. A blog will help set that in stone (if you do it right.) Sure, you say – but I don’t need to blog, I don’t have time. And, I especially don’t need a blog when I can Tweet (twitter.com), Tumble (tumblr.com) or Facebook it (including paid advertising) with just a few minutes each day. All my potential customers are there …

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    Do You Suck At Blogging? (9 Hot Strategies For Blogging Rock Stardom)

    (This post will show you how to become a blogger rockstar. At the end, download the FREE blogging instructional document for your own use.) Does any of the following sound familiar to you? “I have a blog but I hardly ever get any comments.” “I post everyday and yet the number of my blog hits per day I can count on one hand – and that’s on GOOD days!” “Those who do visit my blog never leave comments.” “I’ve taken a few important courses on blogging, but I don’t see any difference after applying a few tips” We all know …

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    Help Me Help You This Year

    This is a survey to help make this blog better. Your feedback is invaluable, and thanks for taking the time. Will you help me? It’s about 60-90 seconds of your time. Thanks so much for participating. You’ll see results and changes as we move forward. (For the people who are on my existing list, you get the first access) Loading…

    Starting a Blog: How To Make My Own Blog & Why?

    Image via Wikipedia In order to build a solid web presence on the web, you will need to utilize a blog (web-log). A blog is nothing more than a website where content is easily added to it – via pages. As part of the website design, ensure that a blog is included. Don’t be afraid of it. You can do it! There are several reasons to do this: The search engines love blogs because they have constant new content being added to them (if you keep it up). This is one of the factors for improving search engine visibility - you …

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