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    The Wealth Gap, Wealth Distribution and Wealth Inequality (Is It Getting Worse?)

    I’m sure you’ve heard business people and others say… that the “1%-class” belongs to the richest people on the planet. For the world, that means that out of 7 billion people on our green planet, only a very small fraction belong to the ‘untouchables’. In a recent study from Credit Suisse Research Institute, it found that “the gravy train is chugging along, but with relatively few passengers”. The purchasing power and economic gains go to the very top, and both the distribution of wealth and earners create a wealth inequality that to many seem unfair. And, because of economic and …

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    How To Create a 1 Hour Business Planning Process

    The word planning is built deep into our lives, and our world. From before birth, when you were ‘planned’ But, building a plan for your business with steps to reach goals are a must also. However, we all get busy and often avoid lengthy (boring?) business planning. It sometimes may just feel too overwhelming, and one person ends up late in the office with all the work. So.. how about creating a process that makes sure you get all the necessary things checked, very fast — and with a plan that still works? You can do that, and your team …

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    These Next 5 Minutes Will Be Worth Thousands For Your Business

    I often get asked: “what’s the fastest and best marketing channel you know of (to get more clients & business)”? Of course, without understanding their unique situation, a blanket statement will not work. Imagine if I said that SEO or PPC were the best options, always. That would be biased, and not serving them well. However, there is one answer that is true in ALL cases, NO MATTER WHAT. It’s the one answer that will be of great value to you and your business…EVERY TIME! Let’s dig in, shall we?

    What is Your Favorite Online Movie Channel?

    We see the trends of advertisers & traditional media. That includes consumers as well. It’s changing. We are attracted to the Internet. The advertisers flocking to the Internet mediums are wide & deep. The budgets allocated for Internet marketing channels are increasing. TV advertisers are starting to scramble. I mean, who watches TV anymore? Plus, sitting on a couch somewhere with your beer and chips is a losers game anyway. However, entertainment and news are close to us – we enjoy it. Too much of a good thing is not cool though, right? However, with the latest portable gadgets and custom …

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    Price Orgasms From Different Pricing Strategies

    We all know that the price of something elicits quick responses. For example: “Wow, that’s cheap, I must get it”. Or – “Yes, makes sense that it’s highly expensive, it’s a Mercedes Convertible”. Emotion over logic ultimately wins, and pricing will affect it. Different prices will give you (the business) an edge. However, low prices is not necessarily the best choice. For example, in our industry – buying SEO (search engine optimization) services for the cheapest price can buy you peace of mind for a short while, until you discover that your rankings are tanking from massive spam into bad …

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    6 Ways To Effective Teaching (and Learning)

    As a small business owner, it’s important to train and educate your audiences. We’re talking about your customers, employees, vendors, contractors. The idea that a simple business mission and vision statement will get everybody on the same page is simply not true. It must be drilled home, every day. There needs to be an ongoing commitment to education at all levels. And, with you in charge, it’s your responsibility to lead by example. However, if you are not a great teacher, and don’t understand the different ways to create good results, this post should help you. One of the keys is retention, …

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    Learn From Yahoo (what not to do)

    In financial reports for Yahoo this week, we learned that the once-hot Internet company is still facing a pretty severe uphill climb. Their advertising business is struggling, and meanwhile, Google and Facebook is grabbing more and more attention (and ad dollars). To me, no surprise here. Since I left Yahoo in 2005, the stock price never came back. I remember, I set an alert on Marketwatch.com for $45.00 a share. If it hit that, I was thinking that might be the time to sell some. It never did (and it never will). While there are many reasons for this failing …

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    How Do I Closeout a 401k Account? (Be smart)

    If you are an employee of a business that offers 401k plans, take notice before jumping in. If you are currently participating in a 401k, and have “saved” for years, then you must really read and watch now. The fallout around the 401k and worker retirement planning is massive. You’ll see that in this real-life video. Closing out a 401k account could be the smartest thing you do this year. With the US deficit growing, the dollar value shrinking and the feds printing money like everyday is Christmas, you’d better be prepared for (another) big melt-down in the economy in …

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    Does Scarcity Marketing Work To Lift Sales?

    One key tactic that you should use when marketing to your designated audience, is to use the scarcity card. “Act today, only 5 left at this price, the orders are coming in fast and furious – be quick – or forever lose this deal”. Used for real, not artificially – it can/will add a measurable boost to your sales efforts. This works for products and services and any offer you are working on. Sure, each marketplace requires a different approach, a “scarcity option” for a yearly service contract for a website hosting contract doesn’t make as much sense. (you can …

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    Amazon Sales of Books Still Huge. How Big?

    Even as we exit the recent debacle of Google Books (Google lost that lawsuit)- you’d think that the other power players, and specifically Amazon would be a little bothered or scared.  Nah, not even close. Amazon has a lot of growth opportunity still. “Despite Amazon’s growth so far, it still only represents 8% of global e-commerce, and ecommerce is only 6% of retail” – Morgan Stanley Report

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