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    The Wealth Gap, Wealth Distribution and Wealth Inequality (Is It Getting Worse?)

    I’m sure you’ve heard business people and others say… that the “1%-class” belongs to the richest people on the planet. For the world, that means that out of 7 billion people on our green planet, only a very small fraction belong to the ‘untouchables’. In a recent study from Credit Suisse Research Institute, it found that “the gravy train is chugging along, but with relatively few passengers”. The purchasing power and economic gains go to the very top, and both the distribution of wealth and earners create a wealth inequality that to many seem unfair. And, because of economic and …

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    Do You Have Any Of These Entrepreneurial Behavioral Problems?

    “The Entrepreneur is the loneliest person in the world”. You may have heard that expression before. But, it’s true. The entrepreneur is most often the creative, strategic and visionary, a true change agent. Your output and best work is not something you just “come up with” hanging around the office. You need peace and quiet. You also need time to research and develop products and new internal procedures to serve your customers even better. Again, personal thinking time. But, if you on top of that are not a very outgoing or social / people person, you may seriously need to consider …

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    6 Things You Must Know Seeking Employment Agencies For Jobs

    Image via Wikipedia Making the decision to work at home and selecting a field to pursue won’t be enough to get the ball rolling. Unless you plan on building your own business from the ground up, you will need to know where to go to find home-based jobs and opportunities. There are a number of options out there that can be incredibly useful for helping you launch into earning money at home. There are, however, a few things to watch out for. The work-at-home world is not immune from scam artists, unfortunately. Local employment agencies can be an invaluable resource …

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    10 Solutions To Isolation Issues For Moms Working At Home

    Depending on what type of business you plan on pursuing, you might find yourself cut off a bit from other people. Computer-based careers, for example, can have you working at home and never actually getting out and seeing people beyond the family for days on end. While this is not a problem for many, it can drive some women bonkers, much to the chagrin of husband and family members. Make sure you know where you stand on the issue before you move forward with a career choice that could put you in this position. If you want to deal with …

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    5 Secrets To Self-Discipline When Working At Home

    Image by gertys via Flickr It will not matter at all how much money you’ve socked aside to get started or how supportive your family is, if you can’t motivate yourself, you’re in trouble. Your own self-worth is at risk. Money will not matter if you cannot get yourself on a regular schedule and with a solid routine. Self-discipline is one of the most important traits to have when attempting to launch at at-home career. This goes for telecommuters who will work full-time for companies as much as it does would-be entrepreneurs. Working at home is perfect for some people, …

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    5 Major Family Rules For Working-At-Home Moms

    Hey you power moms going back to work! You may only have a 29 second commute, and happy to not drive a car, and to zip into the office and desk from almost any room in the house. But, going into an at-home work venture without solid family support for the idea can prove to be a huge mistake. If family members do not understand that work time is important or that work calls shouldn’t be interrupted with blaring rock ‘n’ roll music from a teenager’s room, then an uphill battle will be fought. When mom entrepreneurs choose to work …

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    What Jeffrey Hayzlett *Really* Thinks About Social Media and Entrepreneurship

    I recently sat down with Jeffrey Hayzlett, the ex-CMO of Kodak. We had met earlier this year at another big social media event, but I finally was able to get him to reveal details of his inner secrets. This included more thoughts on running your own business, leveraging social media and what it takes to “make it”. (And, as you’ll see – he holds nothing back and is very direct. Don’t continue reading if you cannot handle straight up talk!). His new book, “The Mirror Test” is available in book stores now. Take a look at this video for one …

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