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    Google Click-to-Teleport Extensions Adwords

    Google creates and makes improvements to products all the time, and in the case of the search engine, pretty much every day. In one of my Adwords accounts, I noticed a new feature which is sure to below many businesses away (literally). It’s the new “Click-To-Teleport” feature. The benefits? While there are many, the one standing out is the “driving in-store sales”. Customers will literally simply appear. Here’s how it works.

    How To Become A Small Business Authority

    How can you become an authority in your small business? And, perhaps more importantly, why should you? I’ll break down the 3 strategies to consider on the process of starting in this post. But first, why should you consider becoming an authority in the first place? Let’s use an example. Let’s say you had a bad knee and started to look for somebody to help you. Where would you begin? You’d probably start asking friends, family first. Then, you’d continue by searching online (search/social), visiting bookstores to read more about it. You might ask more questions in a social community …

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    The Pros and Cons of Outsourcing your SEO

    We all know how important it is to have a well-established presence for our business on the Web. SEO is a huge industry, and businesses regularly take advantage of it to boost their sales. Well-done and well-maintained SEO will correlate to a direct increase in sales, visitors and fans of your brand. The problem is, SEO takes time and effort. Some businesses can afford to keep their SEO in-house, while others prefer to outsource. So what are the pros and cons of hiring an SEO agency? Pro: It Saves Time Outsourcing your SEO will save you a lot of time. …

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    7 Tips To Increase Web Traffic To Your Financial Business Site

    When financial service firms, advisors and funds build websites and starting their online business, the focus is on offerings and not how to bring in more web traffic. There is a quiet assumption that SEO is not important because people will automatically know the company by name and reputation. Nothing could be further from the truth. SEO (search engine optimization) for financial websites has resulted in a higher level playing field for brokers, hedge funds and other firms related to finance. The following list outlines seven simple ways to increase site traffic. It’s easy to start building your online business …

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    Top 7 Questions on How to Successfully Use Promotional Products to Attract New Business

    No matter how well established a company is in its respected industry, there is always a need for new business. Larger corporations have expansive sales forces whose jobs revolve around convincing people to purchase a product or service, and brand-new capital can be quite challenging to obtain. While traditional advertising campaigns on TV and radio are successful in their own way, embarking on such a venture can often be quite expensive for a small business with limited funds. Luckily, there are a few cost-effective shortcuts that these companies can take to improve sales and revenue. An option that can result in an optimum …

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    Over-Optimization of your SEO Works?

    There’s a lot of chatter in the SEO community right now about “over-optimization” of your search engine optimization strategies, or rather, tactics. The “under the hood” details of search engines and websites (pages) that get the bots and search engine algorithms to take special liking to your online assets, that is. Google’s spam engineer Matt Cutts is in the news again. You can hear him speak at the recent SXSW conference. But, truth be told – much commenting is typical anytime announcements appear from Google Camp.  Sure, it’s exciting to talk about. But, just today, two clients called me – exclaiming excitement …

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    Are You A Doer? Sorry, Not Good Enough!

    Are you working hard for a living? Of course, you are. Are you working many hours to provide for your family? Sure. And, are you slaving away at your day-job, only thinking about ways to exit THAT job, and start another? Perhaps (many are, studies show). Finally – if asked what you do – you’ll share your job title and explain that you have worked for many years at the auto-dealership, the restaurant, the financial firm, the doctor’s office, the lawfirm, the software company, etc, etc — DOING the work required of you. For this, you get paid a salary, …

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    How To Excite Your Prospects Feelings And Gain Affection

    One of the most powerful ways you can attract potential new clients, customers, patients or members to your tribe is by using a pretty known… but underused strategy. In the recent SEO benchmark report from Marketingsherpa, the research showed that the most effective strategy for putting new prospects into a business sales funnel is also the hardest for most companies to undertake. And if you are thinking “if it’s so hard, why should we bother – unless it WORKS?” – then you are correct. Nothing within your marketing planning should be considered in actual tactics without the ability to track …

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    Rich People Are Better Than You

    How many times growing up did I wonder what rich people did to make themselves “better” than the rest? Well, plenty of times, but not at first. It didn’t start until I came to the USA. In my home country (Norway), there was little talk about money in the day-to-day. It was always about “living”. (I later understood better the expression: ‘work to live, or live to work’). In many countries outside of the US, folks work to live (not the other way around) and to enjoy themselves, family & friends. In truth, we all want that. But – it seems …

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    What Is The #1 Predictor Of Personal Success?

    The word success is defined in many ways. And, why is that? Because, to each and every person – “success” means different things. A young woman that wishes to become a super-mom will consider herself successful when she reaches milestones and goals she set along the way.  To her, working at home, cooking, working with her children, her house, her garden, etc may be EXACTLY what success is to her. It has nothing to do with money, but all to do with attitudes and aspirations of attaining those levels she set. A child that wants to become a fireman, policeman …

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