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    The Anatomy Of A Money Making Landing Page (Free Example Download)

    In a previous marketing training video, I outlined the principles to creating an effective, no budget lead-generating marketing system. This was focused on small businesses owners that have little to no money for marketing.  Thanks for all your emails and sharing it on the social web. One of the questions that came in was around “how do I structure a lead capture page?” Here then, is the “anatomy of a money landing page” – and with a FREE PDF download for the complete picture. (click the picture for full view, download the pdf below.

    How To Make a Landing Page With AWeber Email Autoresponder

    Recently, I was asked how to create a special landing page that also captures emails. Then, they asked about how to create autoresponders. Finally, which is the best product to use for auto-sending emails? When you are marketing online, you must drive the visitor to a specific page with your offer or message. Generic pages don’t work well. Both search engines and users like (and need) the relevancy and specificity. Then, capture their email address to send them more goodies. How do you create landing pages quickly & easily? What if you have NO technical ability? Here’s how to do …

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    Who Else Wants More Money From Their Landing Pages?

    Did you know that your current landing page may be standing between you and hundreds, perhaps thousands of additional dollars sent to your business? Well, you are not alone, so I decided to write up some little known secrets to increase your profits online. Why bother with a landing page? Well – imagine the perfect sandwich. It contains a top, middle, bottom.  The acquisition of clients is the top part, the conversion (and the juicy part) the middle, and retention/back-end the bottom part.  If you can make all three in a perfect way, you can eat your way to a …

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    New Landing Page Best Practices: Free Guide for Optimal Landing Page Designs

    Image by Matthieu Dejardins, eCommerce Activist via Flickr It’s a basic question for online success – what are your needs? We are faced with these questions: You want: Massive Traffic (MT) to your website? Top Rankings (TR) across killer, competitive keywords? Incredible Conversion rates (CR) and sales from your landing pages? Which one above is the most important to you? You’d be amazed to hear what I see most of the time… But, If you are just coming out with a new website – it may be just traffic you are concerned with. Perhaps you’ve been at it for a bit, and …

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    Success in Landing Page Conversion–Before & After

    First, I present a test. Please answer truthfully. Where do you place primary focus in your online work on a daily basis? Please select in order of importance of workload: A. Search Engine Rankings & Monitoring (___ %) B. Web Traffic Building/Link Acquisition (___%) C. Website Usability Study and Updates (___%) D. User Behavior Tracking and Strategy (___%) E. Brand Reach/Social Media Expansion (___%) F. Conversion Testing and Profit Tracking (___%) I certainly hope flavors of all six, but I’m guessing that F, the last one, grabs the smallest attention in your day-to-day? It’s very common, and I see it …

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    Why Knowing Your Eyes' Behavior Can Increase Conversions

    What can you learn from the CNN home page as it relates to “conversion”? (Defined as a visitor performing some action on a transactional or reference landing page). The video below provides tons of detail about how you can increase conversion on your existing pages. It also makes you think about creative frameworks for new pages that you can (and should) develop and test. Andy Jenkins (funny but experienced internet marketer seen in this video) explains how his company, through science and research, more than doubled conversion by making just a few changes on existing websites, and how their foveal …

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