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    3 Powerful Link Bait Tips for SEO Link Building

    Link bait content creation and link building go hand in hand because if people are really interested in the content, it has the potential of going viral and being linked to – from all over the internet. Link bait can be all types of content – including written blog posts, videos, photos, widgets, tools or a podcast. It doesn’t matter how you make the content or what subject the content is about, your goal should be to make content that people feel the need to click and also share with their friends and family – even business associates. Here are …

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    The Simple Secrets of Search Engine Page Link Quality Valuation

    Image by swisscan via Flickr How great is life when search engines place your website (pages) first in the search engine results, and for the keywords you are targeting? Like the picture here – it’s beautiful… Search engineers know links are important for search engine rankings (inbound links as well as your own website links). If you are a marketer, you don’t have to be a scientist to know that links are important for users too. In fact, the rule should be: “think users first, search engines second” when creating links. While the quantity of links to a page is …

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    How Much Has SEO Link Building Really Changed?

    Image via CrunchBase If you are familiar with how the search engines operate, you’ll know that links form a central place in any SEO strategy, in any business operating online. In fact, the old “miserable failure” or “click here” keywords are familiar link stories. (The first one relates to the White House and Mr. George W. Bush back in the day, the second from Adobe’s PDF reader. When folks typed these keywords into Google, those web pages would be listed first, since people linked to them with that keyword). Google, above all – favors links for authority & trust – and eventually, …

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    Key Benefits of Link Building For SEO and Web Promotion

    For new readers, it is important to remind you of the importance of link building. The value for search engine rankings and visibility has been known in our community for a long time. The quality of links (backlinks, incoming links) are paramount to long term success. Sure, you can get a quick “boost”, but only to die off, or the slow ranking death due to lack of quality (and site issues, etc). Learn more about the benefits, and how you can create more quality links in this post.

    16 Tips For Website Promotion and Outrageously Effective Link Building

    Image via CrunchBase In the first part of the scary Google Juice link building post, we talked about Blogs and blogging, directories, images, content syndication and more. Clearly, there are many options that you can take for building out your business. In fact, as you’ll see in this video – the options seem endless. Add to that variations of approach, the type of business/marketplace you are in, and you have yourself a rather massive program to undertake. As I always say – start simple, try a few things, and then build out your network. And, keep in mind – link …

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    How a New Link Popularity Building Approach Raises More Questions

    Image via Wikipedia With so many (SEO / PR) link building tactics, tips and strategies, along with the many folks that scream “we have your link building solution”, I thought I’d put together a quick couple of videos to show you some areas for link building opportunities you may have missed. (next video coming in 2 days or less). It is also part of a web promotion strategy you can use.

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