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    Are You Constantly Patching Your Local Online Marketing Bucket Holes? (Here’s How To Fix It)

    Small businesses service millions of people across the USA and around the world, injecting billions of bottom line dollars across many levels of business. Without them (us) – the economy would collapse. That is one thing the political candidates agree on, whether it’s the republican or democratic side of the isle. But here and now, YOU – as a business owner – a dentist, doctor, plastic surgeon, plumber, restaurant-owner, florist, web designer or Entrepreneur of too many niche markets to count, only care about a few things: a) how to get more patients, customers, clients from phone calls, foot-traffic & …

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    5 Local Meetups for Social Media Enthusiasts

    Whether they utilize social media for business, for news and events or simply in order to keep in touch with friends, family and favorite people, web surfers are spending more and more time on platforms like Twitter and Facebook. The power of social media, no matter the point of view of usage, is undeniable. Interesting in upping your social media game?

    7 Local SEO Tips For Small Business (Interview)

    I had a chance to join a great business leader today – Mark J Kohler. He’s a CPA, attorney, best-selling author and a business owner. He focuses on helping small business and entrepreneurs, is an affable guy, with tons of knowledge in the tax, legal and overall business success strategies. His BlogTalkRadio show is becoming very popular, and has been featured in the “up & coming” section of BTR. The Mark J. Kohler Show is a radio show dedicated to helping listeners live the “American Dream” and build and protect their wealth.

    4 Ways To Higher Ranking In Local Search Engines

    Your small business is your own goldmine. Sure, sometimes it feels like quite the opposite, but mining for gold was never easy, right?. And, either way – it’s not an overnight process. Your overall plans and strategies must continually be monitored, measured and updated. For your online marketing, it’s the same deal. If you approach it as a “set-it-and-forget-it” business, you’ll eventually be out of business. Nothing new here. However, one area of important focus for online branding and customer attraction success – is local search marketing. If you are not listed with your information in the local search engines …

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    Unlock Google's Secret Local SEO Logic

    Smart local marketing implementation for a small business is the difference between winning or losing in today’s market. True, existing customers must be serviced, products developed & enhanced, and the financial and operational plans must be pursued. But, they mean nothing without the local marketing plans. Part of this intellectual marketing strategy, and subsequent logic lies with Google. You must understand the critical pieces to local search optimization for your website and business. And, it’s time consuming. It requires a keen eye and insights to ensure that your visibility and ranking stays in the local search listings. Here are 10 …

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    Violating Google Places Guidelines For Your Local Offices?

    If you are considering your local business to have a chance at being listed front and center on Google, you need to begin by setting up an account on Google Places (old: Google Business Center). This is one of the most important steps to managing your local business environment on Google. And, if you have a business with many (10,20,30+) business locations (physical offices), you would benefit from using “feeds” to upload and get started with managing several locations quickly. It’s pretty easy to do – but what if you get an email message like this: “Upon further review, we’ve …

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    New Google Trick Competes for Local Small Business Advertising

    Image via Wikipedia Yup, Google is using the phone to “advertise”. Find out why below. Google is in fact using several hundred sales reps to reach out to local businesses directly. Restaurants, spas, hotels receive calls and with incentives to use their local placements and local ad features. A special office in Tempe, Arizona was set up to handle the bulk of these calls. I personally wonder how easily they convince business owners that they actually are legit reps from Google. There is so much spam and misrepresentation out there, and I’ve actually listened to calls, received them myself, and …

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    A Startup Guide: How To Find Clients For Local Online Businesses

    If you are building a business to service other clients online, you need to know how to position yourself so that they can a) find you, and b) see your offers and understand what you do easily. If you are just starting out with your service business, you are likely to find your first opportunities right in your local market place. Image via Wikipedia Communications is at the heart of e-commerce and community. - Meg Whitman Stop by Starbucks, grab a coffee or hot chocolate, and drive around your neighborhood. Here are some likely businesses you’ll see: Which businesses here are …

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    Local Business Search Tips For Your Local Website

    Image via CrunchBase If you own a local business, are you found when your potential customers search for you? In fact, with billions of local search queries served monthly on Google alone (and growing) – opportunities for driving business your way is serious business – don’t be left out. Have you seen Google Maps, Bing, Twitter, Facebook (Places), Gowalla, Foursquare, Yelp lately? Accessed via the web or your smartphone? Those websites are central to local search, and are the sites your customers are using. Signing up for a Google Places (Google Local Business Center) account to begin will be a …

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