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    How Mail And Direct Marketing Can Make You Live A Better Life (Step By Step)

    (This is Part 3 in the “How to super-charge your lead generation” – Find Part 1, Part 2 here) With part 3 in our Direct Response Marketing and Offline Mail Series you’ll have learned the “3 Amazingly Simple Profit Strategies to Getting Buyer-Centric Clients, Money and Fame”. If you want the complete report in PDF form, just send a note here. Today – and in this final installment, we’ll see how to get your marketing pieces mailed (postcard specific example) and tracked. You’ll see what a typical offline to online direct mail marketing funnel might look like. You can start …

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    The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Creating Offline Marketing Pieces For Your First Awesome Mailing

    (This is part 2 of the “How to super-charge your lead generation” series. Find part 1 – “Why Direct Response Marketing Is The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread” here) Welcome to part deux in our direct response marketing education. In this section, you’ll learn more about how to create the marketing piece that goes out in the mail. In the final and 3rd installment, you’ll get more resources and links. You’ll also find out the best ways to get it mailed (earth-mail) and how you can track it. I’ve researched and tested these direct / offline marketing strategies and they work, so let’s get …

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    Why Direct Response Marketing Is The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread (Part 1)

    (This is part 1 of the “how to super-charge your lead generation” series. See part 2 – how to create direct mail pieces here) Before we begin: Make sure that you leave your “I know it all” attitude at the door. Leave your skeptic mind outside these following pages. I invite you to open yourself up and take a look at a new way of generating leads for your online business. Plus, whining about your business lead generation does not help. Let’s move you to another level and thinking. THE NEW ECONOMY MASTER MARKETING STRATEGY IS AN “OPPOSITE” STRATEGY We …

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    7 Ways To Start A Direct Mail Marketing Campaign Today

    From all the data we have gathered from how businesses operate for increased revenues (and profits) – there is no doubt that a HUGE SHIFT has happened over the just the last 5 years (2007) in terms of marketing, and the shift to ONLINE advertising and marketing (SEO, PPC, PPV, Social Media, Contextual, Retargeting, Banners, etc). A day doesn’t go by where I don’t hear somebody slamming the Yellowpages (print edition) and that it is expensive, old-school and “doesn’t work”. The word is out on the street. It’s true that each market is unique, and I recommend verifying data and …

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    9 Ways To Optimize Response Rates To Offline Mailings

    Image by Anthony Quintano via Flickr We talk a lot about online work in our business circles here. And, if you saw the recent earnings numbers from Google, you’ll know that a lot of businesses are using Google’s (Adwords) paid advertising networks. Good for them. But, many who are familiar with online work, don’t use offline as means to drive traffic and business. However, there are many ways you can drive offline marketing campaigns to online. It’s used by top marketers today, and has been for a long time. You just didn’t know how. Using a system like www.srds.com – …

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