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    Your Adwords Account Scam-Banned By Google? Here is Why.

    24 hours a day, when you are awake and sleeping – both software and humans at Google are working to figure out if you are scamming Google with your Adwords account(s). The results can be devastating. The software and related systems scan information – from ads, webpages, links and much more — while hundreds of Google Adwords Spam/Scam Police watch (yes, humans) and monitor any red flags sent by the software agents. This may and will have implications for you. Even if you are legit. You can get inadvertently get caught in it. Here’s why.

    Is Competitive Spying Cool? Survey says…

    In the book Art of War we can read about military strategies in the late sixth century BC. Quotes and references to this book has been (over) used for strategic business thinking many times since then. It’s interesting to draw parallels from ancient times to current. Whether you agree or not, the first chapter covers laying the plan, and setting up the calculations, and that makes good sense for any ‘annexation’. There are essentially five key factors to success at this stage (the Way, seasons, terrain, leadership, and management). Subsequent chapters get into the challenge, plan of attack, weak points and the use of …

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    How To Setup Google Adwords Conversion Tracking In 5 Easy Steps

    Most clients I come across that has done “some” Adwords Pay Per Click (PPC), have lots of questions about it, since it’s not working for them. And, with Google Adwords new options, tools and strategies (more competitive marketplaces) – answers get more complex too. We use a checklist, and when we ask about targeting, display (content) network versus search network, bidding strategies, ad copy, ad optimization selections, keyword match types and perhaps most importantly, conversion code – we get blank stares. That’s ok. It’s not their job to run a profitable PPC campaign, if they can only spend 20-30 minutes …

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    5 B2B Business PPC Insights You Should Know For 2011

    Image via Wikipedia Pay Per Click is awesome. Previously, I talked about how PPC can be a profit magnet for your business. One of the main reasons for that is that you can validate your research and marketing strategies very quickly. SEO is very important, and must be part of your online marketing strategy, but it’s not as fast typically. As an inbound marketing tactic for online business, Pay-Per-Click is a popular option. If you execute a PPC campaign(s) well, the effectiveness for you and the potentially massive amounts of data (clicks, bids, conversions, impressions) it provides – can be …

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    Take 15 Free PPC Lessons For Google Adwords

    Is Google Adwords too difficult to use? But, you need it to build your online business? Outside of taking the time to learn (first), apply (second), stay up to date with all changes (third), and ongoing testing processes and tools (ongoing) – are you relegated to outsourcing the entire Adwords campaign management? The new updated Adwords Certification Program may be just what you need. (And, you don’t have to get certified if you don’t want/need to) What does the updated Adwords Training Curriculum cover?

    How To Get Better CTR (click-through) on Google Adwords

    When running campaigns on Google Adwords, the higher the click-through rates are — the better. It impacts traffic, quality scores and overall engagement. You are rewarded for having better action and through-put. You win, and Google wins (charging you for those clicks). While ongoing testing and tuning is part of any marketers love (or nightmare) – nothing different with this solution offered from Google now. Google Product Listing Ads are now being made available to all of Google’s advertisers in the United States. You still have to test ads, keywords, but this system does make things a little simpler. Research …

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    The Beginner's Guide To Pay Per Click Marketing

    As you have read many of the posts in this blog, you have learned that you can structure your site in a search engine friendly way, use SEO, and to build links for authority, trust and traffic. You also must be social (media) and write blog posts without paying for the results. However, this is not always the only solution for small businesses. It is often the case that small businesses do need to have a marketing budget for the web, too. It is unlikely that they will spend as much money in this form of advertising as they would …

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    Who Invented Money?

    Money! Love it or hate it, it’s a cultural-socio factor in all modern economies. But where did money come from, when was money invented – and how has it become such a force in society? The history of money is long and complicated – and incredibly interesting – but here are the basics. I believe the earliest known (not necessarily oldest really) forms of money are from Ancient Egypt. No paper money, just coins created from metals such as silver and gold, used as an alternative to barter – also probably used as symbols of high status. – Answerbag.com

    Why PPC Marketing Is The Profit Magnet For Your Business

    When I think about the many opportunities that exist in internet marketing for brand visibility / lift, web traffic increase, search engine optimization, banner advertising, lead generation, landing page testing, content / copy testing, banner testing, funnel (e-commerce) testing, social media, customer engagement and building your email list (follow-up marketing) … and with an awesome “speed to market”, there is no better than PPC (Pay Per Click). You can save your business a boat-load (I looked it up) of money, if you do it right. As the saying goes; “Every minute spent in planning will save you 10 minutes in …

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    Bing-Yahoo PPC: Start Your New Pay Per Click Here.

    Image via CrunchBase The initial rumblings, and then – the subsequent confirmation of Bing serving Yahoo’s search results is old news. And, as expected, the relationship has been tightened across not only organic results (already in place), but now pay per click (PPC). This latest news should concern you, – in a positive way. Bing’s Adcenter platform will show all paid search data and interfaces to both engines – via one account. What are the things to watch out for?

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