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    9 Reasons People Will Never Buy From Your Online Landing Page (a.k.a. Stop Doing What Is Not Working)

    No matter what your background, sales and marketing will be the MOST important skills you can learn in your career. And, it doesn’t matter what personality type you are. You might be a creative person, a technical person, an introvert, extrovert and everything in-between. It doesn’t matter. The EXCITING truth: we are all born into this world naked and pure. And, with our bodies and minds ready to capture and assimilate all the information around us – from the good to the bad. But, it’s also true that the words “sales”, “no” and “marketing” get a bad rap. Ask anybody …

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    Hate Selling? Need A Sales Course? Instant Work Sales Training Video (THE WORST YET)

    Mention the word “sales” and most people quickly form a nasty frown on their face. Or at least – they go silent – and shy away from the discussion. “I hate salespeople”, they say. It’s the old “sleazy car salesman” picture that comes to mind. It’s about being cold called. It’s about being pitched something – fast and furious. It’s about sales people trying to get money for nothing (it appears), and YOU getting pressured to the point of no return. It’s about pyramid schemes and multi-level marketing. It’s about ‘get rich quick’. It’s about feeling ripped off, and buying …

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    Selling Online in 2013 – The Number 1 Sales Strategy (Infographic)

    Most everybody in the industry agrees that people purchase (anything) based on a human emotion. Then, we justify it with logic. We also know that there is an explicit difference between what we need versus what we want. We need air, food, shelter. But, we don’t need a new BMW or the latest fashion. But, we WANT that! And, this is BIG business. Sales and advertising companies and their executives know you better than you know yourself, it seems. They are playing with your emotions at every turn. Most of the time, and if they are any good, they place …

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    How To Sell In Social Media – The REAL Sales Secret (video)

    Selling your products and services (and your brand) using social media is really very straight forward… … when you know the #1 thing that actually works. I often get questions or comments like these: “Jon, I think social media doesn’t work. Not for me or us, anyway. Well, because I’ve tried, and it’s been months, and nothing much has happened. I have some followers and likes, but the sales teams are not getting much. Does selling using social media really work?” In this 15 minute brand new video never shared before, I explain a simple framework for selling using social media …

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    How To Manage Sales Teams As An Accidental Sales Manager (Interview)

    I was lucky enough to get sales management guru Suzanne M. Paling on an exclusive interview recently. She explains with great detail the ins-and-outs of managing sales teams, whether it is a one-person team, or much larger groups. And, she reveals some of the biggest mistakes that top level executives make in trying to find, hire and manage sales teams. Some are not as obvious as you might think. What follows is the audio recording and transcription of key principles and teachings from her long background and experience as a sales person and sales consultant. Her book, the “Accidental Sales …

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    Does Your Business Card Have an Erection? Think again.

    In today’s age – do you think having a business card will help or hurt (meaning, ‘no impact) your business networking and sales opportunities? In the last month, how many business cards have you received that went straight into the waste basket? And, how many business cards you gave ended up receiving email in return? (that you didn’t want, effectively – spam) Finally – out of all those business cards – did any single card, person or company stand out that made you remember them, and in the best case, call them back? Then, view this video. It may just …

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    How To Create An Abundance Of Sales

    For any (small) business, the steady pursuit of leads and opportunities to build their sales pipeline is top of mind for the owners and employees. The concern varies of course. Employees with a steady paycheck may not see the sales and marketing activities, or understand what the management team is doing in that area. But, for management – it’s always on their mind. And, the struggle of balancing the company account checkbook and making sure everybody gets paid (employees, partners, vendors, government) can make for many sleepless nights. If you are in your own business as a ‘solo-preneur’ – you …

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