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    How To Get More Clients Using Social Media In 60 Days (FREE Client Attraction Secrets Training CD)

    (The below is a transcript from the first 10 minutes of an hour long audio training CD – available for free – from Author, Speaker and Online Consultant Jon Rognerud) This audio transcript shows you how to attract clients and new customers. A BABY could do this, so why don’t you? I’ve made it real easy for you…;-) ### Hi. This is Jon, the founder of JonRognerud.com and author of Social Media Selling and The Ultimate Guide to Search Engine Optimization with Entrepreneur Press and McGraw Hill. I am fired up that you’re here. This is the Social Media Client Attraction …

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    Follow The Top 4 Best Practices for Social Media Success

    The growing world of social media is one of the most effective communication tools businesses have at their disposal. Social media outlets combine advertising, marketing and customer service into a personalized and user friendly format. The following best practices in social media will help you create and manage successful social media campaigns for your company.

    Startups: How To Avoid Social Media Marketing Mistakes

    As a brand new business, it is essential that you take steps to move in the right direction in terms of social media marketing. Hiring a Social Media Marketing Small Business strategist can go a long way in helping you meet the ever changing needs of business in social media and social networking. These specialists are well versed in everything that it takes to succeed in social media marketing on the Internet today. For example, you may believe it’s important to reach a higher follower count on Twitter, but the number may not matter as much as you think, and your …

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    How To Break Through The Social Media Clutter in 5 Minutes [VIDEO]

    A study was done a while ago that showed some 30,000 marketing messages pushed through every day here in the US alone. Whatever the real amount is, I think it’s significant. We are literally bombarded with marketing and sales pitches all the time, and everywhere. Heck, have you been on a fishing trip lately? Surely you can get away from it there? No, because when you use your smart phone, small ads are shown within various apps you use. It’s called “marketing on steroids” (capitalism). And, when it comes to that “online stuff” – social media and marketing opportunities in …

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    8 Social Media Campaign Content Tools For a Better ROI

    Social Media can be of the most effective, but certainly popular ways to do Internet Marketing. The first part is only true if you create compelling content that social media will help you fuel. Companies make use of trending social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube to market their website and promote products and services. Today, more and more companies are creating their own social media campaigns to reach the target market they want. What content marketing strategies do companies use for a high performance, high-yield social media marketing program? Yes, we’re talking about ROI.

    What is Social Bookmarking? (smart video)

    I visited search marketing illuminati Danny Sullivan and Chris Sherman this week, the power drivers of the SMX Search Engine expos in the USA and, now, internationally (SMX Espana coming up). Their social media-related sessions, expert panelists and conference support staff were really attentive to detail and provided in-depth, real case studies of success (and not!). And even though the show in Long Beach this week on social media was small (if 200 people is tiny?), I enjoyed having a chance to meet many new people, including the above, and rock star SEOs Rand & Michael. I was thinking of …

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    What Can You Learn From Recent Social Media Success Stories?

    OK, a seed term from Speed, the first movie in a series with Keanu Reeves. “Pop Quiz, Hot Shot: What do the top 2007 winners within the new social media realm have in common?” Do you know who they are (?): “New addictive microblogging platform”; “Top personalized web portal”; “From desktop computing to working in the cloud”; “At 23, Mark has built one of the world’s leading online destinations that has recently been valued at $15 billion” ** (you should know; watch out for this in 2008); “Saves the world from blog spam”; “Change the way people find health information …

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    Is 617 Million People Proof Enough For Your Online Strategy in 2008?

    Social Media, Web 2.0, Social Marketing, Social Search, Social Networking, Gadgets, Apps, Widgets, Ajax, Web Services, Open Social–what does this all mean for your online business in 2008? From 2004-2007, I spent serious time in search engine optimization, product research, technical application development and online marketing (SEO, PPC, link building, e-mail marketing, affiliate marketing, landing pages, copywriting) and delivery. What I learned is that there really are no secrets, just hard, continuous work: changing, tracking, monitoring and not ever giving up, no matter how frustrating (yes it is!). This work has helped me immensely. I wrote about many aspects of …

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