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    How To Use Twitter To Market Your Local Business (Strategy+Tools)

    There are many easy ways to use Twitter for local marketing and general visitor attraction. Local businesses can use the Twitter and the Interwebs for marketing in the same way that multinational corporations do. In fact, local small businesses will probably get better results than a large corporation because their target audience is smaller, their offerings will be more direct. AND… you don’t need a big list or a huge marketing budget to make Twitter work for marketing your small local business. Before getting into the Twitter tools (bottom of this post), here are some important things to start with.

    6 Easy Ways To Use Twitter For Your Business (And Get Some Love Too)

    Using Twitter to promote your business is a great way to get more traffic in the door to purchase your products and / or services. There are many different ways that you can use Twitter for business connection-building, engagement and promotions that will make using Twitter one of your favorite platforms. Even if you’ve been using Twitter for a while without results, you can start anew today with these 6  easy ways to use Twitter for your business.

    What Are The Best Twitter Productivity Tools? (Save Time With Social Media)

    This short video explains how you can get more productivity using Twitter. Actually…by NOT using Twitter, but the power tools that you can download and install for free in your browser. We are talking about Hootsuite, Tweetdeck and BufferApp. Have you tried them? You may start with the native Twitter.com interface, but after you get comfortable with it – there’s no reason for you to use that anymore. Consider using smarter tools to support your social media and Twitter work.

    5 Things You Never Knew About Twitter Lists

    Twitter is a highly useful networking tool. But, it can also be a very overwhelming one. A feed, especially one used for business purposes, can leave the reader feeling as if they are drowning in irrelevant spam. One of the potential answers to this is twitter lists. The twitter list feature allows a user to group their followers according to their interests. For example, you can separate out businesses you are following from individuals. By using twitter lists, you can better target your tweets and avoid being seen as a ‘spammer’.

    Business Twitter Marketing Tools You Should Use

    (see twitter discovery video below). Twitter is growing by leaps and bounds. With over 200 million users, and 140 million tweets a day, you can see why that is. From President Obama, Secretary of State (Clinton) to the uprising in Egypt, and everything in-between, you are looking at more than just a simple chat system. And, a new video was released today – Discover Twitter that shows you how other people use it. (see below). It’s considered a social media power tool. Not everybody are in love with Twitter. But, if you are – and understand how to leverage 140 …

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    Twitter Advertising Halts Application Development?

    Twitter has become a powerful platform within a growing social media community. However, not everybody subscribes to Twitter’s simple interface, quirky “chat” like work flow and 140 character limit. Not everybody sees the benefit of joining or conversing on Twitter, when sites like Facebook and LinkedIn do more of the heavy lifting for business development and ease-of-use. Truth be told, Twitter is a bit of an odd-ball in the mix of social media – but a power tool none the less. Twitter management is telling developers to stop making 3rd party applications. And, they are getting rather animated about it. …

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    How To Create Effective Tweets in 7 Easy Steps

    Twitter is a powerful tool when used right. In fact, social media is a great way to get your messages and overall visibility out there, if done right. Twitter, which started as a “silly little” internal messaging tool at a small startup company is now used world-wide. Some love it, cannot live without it – others, uh – not so much. However, do not discount this “underdog” social media platform. Learn how to set up Twitter, and make sure to following along, take notes – to create more effective tweets for your business.

    A Good Twitter Marketer or a Bad Twitter Spammer? Know The Difference.

    Image via CrunchBase You have doubtlessly heard of, and even used Twitter by now, it is one of the greatest buzzes of our lifetime! Twitter is one of the top social places where people, friends, family, colleagues and even celebrities and fans get to “follow” each other and catch up on chatter, updates and can join the conversation too. Another great benefit of Twitter is that business people get to interact with their prospective and current clients and customers. It is one of the more popular marketing avenues. Like anything popular online, it gets abused. What determines a (legit) marketer …

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    Retweet on Twitter Has a New Face With New Suggestions

    The ability to retweet links and resources with the Tweetmeme function in a blog (like this) adds ease of use and simplicity for retweets. Recently, Twitter came to the marketplace with an updated piece of software functionality via the new Twitter Button. This new button is similar to Tweetmeme, but also adds suggestions of people to follow based on relationships, and many users will enjoy it (as I do). More than 750 million daily retweets are now counted. See more information about the feedback and discussion in the Tweetmeme blog. See the latest video update: Related articles Twitter Launches Official …

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    Greatest Jackpot Of Easy Twitter Content Ideas Ever Crammed Into a Short Post

    Image via Wikipedia Wondering where and how to create complimentary Twitter content quickly? You want to share links and posts as well as your own, but cannot find the time to research new pieces. Where do you go to find content that is universally appealing? The short list for fast twitter content: Popurls StuffToTweet AllTop (and create your own) Search (and advanced – using keywords for your (adjacent) marketplaces) You may decide to use broadcasting systems here and here, and finally here – as well as scheduling future posts. Good. What other tools and techniques do you use?  Do you …

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