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    What Makes A Great Website? (VIDEO)

    The WORLD’S GREATEST WEBSITE – does it really exist? Alrighty…We’re onto some heavy stuff here. We could also ask questions about the meaning of life,  our and your purpose on this planet and how and when the human race really began. How about mythical creatures – are they just that – myths – or did they ever exist? Nah, that’s just a waste of time when we already know the answer to the website question. There are only a few core things that make up the worlds greatest website. I hope you watch this video now, and learn what they …

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    The 10 Unknown Secrets To Building Authority Websites

    It’s a known fact. Google favors authority websites. However, the definition of the word authority are many.  The one definition that relates to Google’s intention of serving the best, most relevant content is: “an expert whose views are taken as definitive; ‘he is an authority on internet marketing for small business‘”. Brands are another favorite. Google knows and trusts brands, and they are by “default” seen as an authority. While building your powers over time, one aspect that will be important for you is…. you’re right –> your website! How do you build authoritativeness into your online domain and pages? …

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    Need To Make A Website? Avoid This #1 Website Mistake Now!

    Uh, possibly too cute a headline – but this is a very serious issue, hence the screaming… Take notice, and think about this for your own business. If you are a webmaster, perhaps you are only there to make sure the website and databases are running well (the IT group). If you are the CEO of the company, your job (outside of many) is to make sure that the VP IT & staff is keeping the uptime for your website as close to 100% as possible. If you are heading up production and applications, you want to make sure your …

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    How To Get A Website For Free

    It amazes me still – that folks don’t know how to get a website up and running, and much less for free. It is possible. (True, it may not be the best choice for a growing business, but you can start on the cheap, and change later). The internet has become a leading form of communication. From advertising to social networking to electronic commerce, the web is a base point for numerous types of exchanges and transactions. The technical landscape of this world is composed of web sites, a necessary part of building an internet presence. There are many ways …

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    5 Keys To a Successful Internet Marketing Consulting Website

    If you are providing services as a consultant in today’s social internet, there are some important items you have to check mark. The way to construct a website has not changed that much over the years, however. It’s funny to me to see so much content written about successful websites, when the truth is – it’s rather simple. However, simple doesn’t always mean easy, and it explains why setting up websites are much discussed. In this post, we’ll talk about what you need to include as a consultant service website. Here are things to look into. It will ensure you …

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    26 Killer Resources For Your Website Success

    We all need tools, insights and a reference library we can access for information to help us develop smarter strategies for our websites. Please review the 26 powerful tips and resources  to learn more about what you might be missing.

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