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    10 Killer Content Resources For Writers and Creative Writing You Must Get

    As an author, it’s always a challenge to create new, innovative ideas and angles to stories, articles, books and generally speaking… great materials for public consumption (I realize many write for themselves too.) Btw, I’m talking about creating quality content and differentiation that inspires you, your audience and non-humans (like search engines). Everybody and everything keeps coming back to your websites when the magic of “quality content” happens. It’s called “stickability”. It’s what we all want. And, it builds trust and reputation. Yeah, Google loves that too…now more than ever… Here then are some awesome writing resources to get your …

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    Make Money Online Writing eBooks (5 Easy Ways)

    There are tons of ways to make money online.  I get questions about this all the time: “how do you make money on the Internet, and what is the first step?” When I mention that writing (content) is a great way to begin, I get blank stares and a bit of disgust thrown in for good measure. In truth, their own self-limiting beliefs is what is stopping them. “I’m not a writer”, “I failed English in College”, “My writing is like an 8 year old, I could never do that”, etc. I feel for them. I have been there too. …

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    How To Get Your Book Published (by a Famous Author)

    Are you a writer? Are you a speaker or consultant? Are you somebody who has been thinking about a particular topic and how to get your message out there? In a new way – as a published author? Are you a business professional that knows your craft, but struggling in a competitive market with no real differentiation in the marketplace? If you have not considered writing a book and getting it published, either by a major publishing house or via self-publishing tools that you can use yourself – well, you are doing yourself a dis-service. It may be time to go …

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    5 New Self Publishing Tools Make BIG Monthly Checks Possible

    If writing, publishing and producing content is your passion, you’ve got it made. And, especially in the 21st century. There are so many tools and strategies you can employ to make it happen. I’ll share some of the critical self-publishing tools here. Amazon itself is a very well known brand, and since the advent of the Kindle e-reader, millions are not only accessing electronic content, but viewing and reading it via their Kindle product, as well as the cloud reader. However, Amazon is not the only game in town, there are many ways to get your book made public, and …

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    Learn 6 Key Skills To Become A Professional Freelance Writer

    With the rapid advancement of social media, tools, technologies, and people on-boarding the Web, it’s easy to forget the basics of what works for business. The next “shiny object” is always there, right in front of you. It comes in many different forms. For example, if somebody wants to display their personal money / checks online and how much came in last month or quarter, then hype it 110%, while they get their friends to affiliate market it for you – that’s their choice. The creation of the “get rich quick” schemes are huge on the Internet, and the messages …

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    Is Your SEO Content Writing Taking More Time Than It Should?

    Image via Wikipedia The cliche “content is King” has been a mainstay throughout the SEO world for years. It’s a phrase you hear and see all the time. It is used because it’s true. Content works. It comes in many forms, and for search engines – text is the easiest/best way for spiders to pick up your work. Images and videos can be optimized too, but digital and streamed data must use a different approach (a post for another time). In this post, we focus on text, and what options you have to create it. What tips exist to help …

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    How To Create Content For Your Website (No Writing Skills Needed)

    Content is King for search engines and your business. Image via Wikipedia In various types – text, audio, video, images and more – they need it, and you need it. Flash movies don’t cut it, even though it’s technically “content”. Search engine spiders read text, but a multi-approach (multiple formats) is great.  You probably have seen videos displayed in the first page of search results (Google’s Universal Search), and the combination of meta text and popularity from links and views place them there. A small business owner has a hard time sitting down and writing for their website. They don’t …

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