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    Finally…SEO is DEAD (or is it)?

    SEO is DEAD? (a different view...)

    Ok, I give up.

    I have not written about this topic before. The idea that “SEO is dead“, that is.

    But, I saw a post today, and for the umpteenth (that’s a real number!) time in one of the forums where the good Internet crowd is discussing the viability of SEO and it’s use.

    Is it here to stay, or is it more like a rotting tree? Should a webmaster and marketing teams not place as much weight on it? Or, perhaps the hardcore stance some say: “don’t bother with SEO”.

    The main focus of conversation this week was around Social Media (you know, Twitter, Facebook, etc) and that it has taken over, and has minimized the importance or value of SEO (search engine optimization).

    So here’ my take, and it’s OFFICIAL, ok?

    “Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines via the “natural” or un-paid (“organic” or “algorithmic”) search results.”

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    How To Create a Good Business Slogan

    Ideas for a "different" business slogan

    Do you need to create a new slogan for your business?

    Here is how to create an “Aphrodisiac Business Slogan”

    A great business slogan is one that elicits a desired response from your ideal customer, nothing more, and definitely nothing less.

    In just a few words your businesses slogan should invoke a specific audience to perform a specific action or feel a certain way.

    Here the 3 questions to consider when constructing that perfect slogan…

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    How To Create An Abundance Of Sales

    Eat more from the table of "abundance"! (Zig Ziglar said "wimpy sales people have skinny kids", but you you don't have to work THAT hard...)

    For any (small) business, the steady pursuit of leads and opportunities to build their sales pipeline is top of mind for the owners and employees. The concern varies of course. Employees with a steady paycheck may not see the sales and marketing activities, or understand what the management team is doing in that area.

    But, for management – it’s always on their mind.

    And, the struggle of balancing the company account checkbook and making sure everybody gets paid (employees, partners, vendors, government) can make for many sleepless nights.

    If you are in your own business as a ‘solo-preneur’ – you know what I’m talking about! It’s about your own livelihood, and man – it hurts to sweat at 3am…

    What then is the SECRET to creating a solid plate of qualified leads from prospects you don’t have to chase down? Do you really need to cold-call?

    Let’s take a look at the BEST way to leverage your talents and insights in current day.

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    Should You Ever Clean Up Your E-Mail List?

    Should you clean your email list?

    Just got this email message the other day. And, it seemed urgent too:

    NOTICE: We are Doing a House Cleaning of Our eMail List!

    If you would like to remain on the ______________ Group eMail list, please click the confirmation link below.  If you don’t respond to this email you will be taken off the list. 

    We are doing this to improve our database of eMails, and to make sure eMails aren’t going to people that no longer want to receive them.”

    Do you think this is a smart and necessary action for your email list and subscribers?

    Yes?  _______

    No?  _______

    Maybe?  _______

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    Are You Wasting Your Most Important Person?

    Looking for the next exit to a better place?

    We all have the same time in a day.

    The 24 hours is the same for billionaires like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet – and the less affluent.

    That same time period doesn’t change for anybody… it is a universal law. If you travel to another country – the timezone may change, but it’s still 24 hours.

    You may choose to look at it with more detail (24 hrs * 60 minutes * 60 seconds = 24 hrs * 3600 seconds = 86400 seconds) – but you cannot expand or shrink time.

    Since that is true – what do you choose to do with it?

    What makes one persons time more ‘valuable’ than the other?

    I can tell you what its NOT.

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    The Scariest Thing About Your Great Idea

    Do you really need another great idea?

    I woke up this morning with a great idea!

    Wow, I think this is the “ONE”!

    Not only will this change my business, my life and my family – but it can literally change the world. No, wait – I can change history with this! Human mankind will never be the same!


    But wait! There’s more. Even though I’ve had many ideas before, I know that I’ll be excited about it tomorrow too. And, the next day and next week, it’s that profound. I need to call my lawyer, and make sure I get the NDA’s lined up, ’cause this is SO UNIQUE.


    Question: How did you go about quantifying the ultimate outcome of your new idea – and everything in-between?

    While being excited, inspired and fired up is admirable, there is just this ONE LITTLE THING called…

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    What Conflict Is Your Business Prospect Having?

    Learn to be different, weird - and your marketing / brand may just take off...

    Positioning and promoting your product/service for YOUR market is a highly beneficial strategy. The outcome can and will be significant.

    Determining the exact audience of your product that is a match for that target, is a winning model. With your solution and offer, you are answering the (hopefully) hungry desires from your market. And, they will respond to your offers a 100 times faster and better, and with conviction — because you can help them (and care).

    See, the old ‘mass marketing’ model born in the industrial revolution is disappearing.

    The idea that you are or can be different, serving a changing breed of consumers makes you unique, and therefore valuable. Seth Godin calls this being ‘weird‘. It’s another word for ‘different and unique’. Something remarkable. (somebody would actually make a remark about you/your business, naturally)

    I guess in one way, nothing has changed over the many years of history in business and humankind.

    How can you make changes to accommodate this ‘new’ way of thinking?

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    How To Create a 1 Hour Business Planning Process

    The word planning is built deep into our lives, and our world. From before birth, when you were ‘planned’ :-)

    But, building a plan for your business with steps to reach goals are a must also. However, we all get busy and often avoid lengthy (boring?) business planning. It sometimes may just feel too overwhelming, and one person ends up late in the office with all the work.

    So.. how about creating a process that makes sure you get all the necessary things checked, very fast — and with a plan that still works?

    You can do that, and your team will love it too.

    “Go out and buy yourself a five-cent pencil and a ten-cent
    notebook and begin to write down some million dollar ideas for
    yourself.” – B. Grinde

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    12 Marketing Steps To Improve Your Small Business

    Product - Price - Place - Promotion is the 4P's of marketing. What else is there?

    What’s the most important part of a business success?

    The product, the service, the management or the marketing?

    What do you think?

    Time and time again, the answer is clear: MARKETING.(and, in every area of your business, not just advertising)…

    You, the owner and executive that help create, plan and work to grow your business, existing or new – must review your entire business plan from time to time.

    Are you on target as per your initial goal setting? This means making sure that anything that may have been missed, not followed up on or not implemented correctly is adjusted. And, the plan itself may need to be updated. A plan set in stone with so many variables in today’s business is being too “perfect”. And, I’m not talking about sending a rocket into space.

    Often, I find that the basics of marketing has not been attended to. That’s not uncommon, considering most professional business practices focus on their products, services, operations / customer service — forgetting about the all important marketing opportunities as a process, not a one-time event.

    The markets change, your competitors change, and the economy changes. Your customers require you to update as well. You should use this checklist to make sure you have captured all that you can. Today’s hectic business environment requires you to do it.

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    Why You Should Face The Cold Hard Truth in 2012

    Facing the cold hard truth in 2012 may require some dramatic changes. Here's the list.

    It’s an amazingly cool time RIGHT NOW as we enter into 2012, wouldn’t you say?

    Think about all the awesome things that happened last year — to you and your business — and in your world in general. Nice!

    Yes, think about the positive, good things that made you take new turns, make new choices and how they impacted you. Take just a moment and highlight these in your mind. Smile… and say thanks. The Christmas holiday is not about the gifts. It’s about gratitude and reflection.

    Everybody, “from 1 to 92″.

    Yes, that is a phrase from The Christmas Song created in 1944 – Mel Torme’s classic. That holiday ballad is heard often on many channels now.

    The song and many renditions of it makes you feel good. It brings back memories, inspires you for the future. It creates good vibrations all around.

    Now, think about how your TOP 5 is doing? (1) your health, 2) your finances, 3) your relationships, 4) your career/work and 5) your spiritual life? )

    How do you feel now?

    Yes, there is one thing that is still lurking right outside your door of opportunity. Do you know what it is? Do you know how you can take the reins yourself versus running yourself into the ditch?

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