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    How To Setup A Facebook Ad – Page Post Engagement – Local Advertising

    In this short training video on Facebook advertising, you’ll learn a step-by-step how to set up facebook ads local approach to setting up Facebook ads, and specifically page post engagement ads.

    One of the core keys to success with advertising on Facebook is hyper-targeting, and you’ll see an example of this for a local market.

    In truth, Facebook ads team has made this really simple. You should be able to not only follow along my video, but do it right at the same time, if you wanted to.

    The big “gotcha” here is to make sure that you do a little bit of preparation work first. You need to understand your market, your audience (your avatar/persona) and specifically create a post inside your Facebook page area. As with all online marketing, you should understand who you are speaking to, and what problems they are having — that YOU can solve!

    Enjoy, and make sure to get on my mailing list (below) for more videos and information to help you.

    3 Powerful Link Bait Tips for SEO Link Building

    Link bait content creation and link building go hand in hand because if people are really interested in the content, it has the potential of going viral and being linked to – from all over the internet.

    link bait tips for seo

    Link bait can be all types of content – including written blog posts, videos, photos, widgets, tools or a podcast. It doesn’t matter how you make the content or what subject the content is about, your goal should be to make content that people feel the need to click and also share with their friends and family – even business associates.

    Here are 3 Excellent Link bait tips that will have your link profile increased in no time.

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    What is SEO? (Search Engine Optimization)

    what is seo?Do you know what SEO means? (It sounds like ‘CEO’, but that ain’t it…)

    More importantly, do you know how to apply it for your online business? And, get results from it? (ranking, traffic and more)?

    Watch this fun and entertaining video explaining the inner secrets of search engine optimization (SEO). This is from our authority SEO friends at searchengineland.

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    The Wealth Gap, Wealth Distribution and Wealth Inequality (Is It Getting Worse?)

    henry-ford-highland-park-minimum-wage-earnersI’m sure you’ve heard business people and others say… that the “1%-class” belongs to the richest people on the planet. For the world, that means that out of 7 billion people on our green planet, only a very small fraction belong to the ‘untouchables’.

    In a recent study from Credit Suisse Research Institute, it found that “the gravy train is chugging along, but with relatively few passengers”.

    The purchasing power and economic gains go to the very top, and both the distribution of wealth and earners create a wealth inequality that to many seem unfair. And, because of economic and political factors, the wealth gap is getting worse.

    So you ask – what can YOU do about that?

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    SEO Basics: 8 Tips for Better Google Rankings (The Wizard Of Oz Version)

    Winning a first-page ranking by Google has become as challenging as finding your way to Oz.

    Every marketer is looking for the Emerald City while every blogger is trying to get the Wizard of Google to award him with:How Could You Be so Heartless

    • the brains to understand all this stuff,
    • the heart to communicate with the target audience
    • the courage to keep working on it until it delivers us into
    • the balloon that takes us all back to Kansas.

    This is because Google harnesses at least 65 percent of all search engine activity within most of North America. In third-world countries like Africa – Google claims 95 percent of the market.

    When it comes to Search Engine Optimization and SEO basics - what Google decides – paves the yellow brick road for you.

    Here are 8 ways to look at the SEO fundamentals and what you must consider for ranking and traffic success.

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    5 Unusual Ways To Change Your Negative Mindset (For Entrepreneurs)

    get-out-of-negative-mindsetA negative mindset inevitably causes unhappiness and depression.

    It may even influence decision making of a person in both personal and business life.

    Getting into a negative mindset is easier than most people would anticipate.

    As an entrepreneur, the last thing that you need is a pessimistic mind.

    This can be devastating to both the business, customers as well as to one’s personal life.

    To avoid being overpowered or controlled by negativity, one needs to make a sensible effort to avoid the experience.

    In this short post, we look at five ways that can help a person stay out of a negative mindset, move into positive thinking, hence stay out of stress and depression in the workplace and in their personal life.

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    Marketer Seth Godin Cranks Out A Milestone (5000th Blog Post)

    If you want to learn how to get inspired to write, read and listen to Master Marketer and Business Rockstar Seth Godin.

    In the video below, Seth talks about how he gave something away for free, where he got the inspiration from, and how he got 3,000 people to read it Day 1.

    It does not end there, however.

    He’s considered an uber-smart marketer and business man. You would expect him to map this process out in great detail.

    I just sense he didn’t plan this out much. He just made it happen.

    Maybe what he did  just “make sense” at some analytical level? What do you think?

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    How To Get More Clients Using Social Media In 60 Days (FREE Client Attraction Secrets Training CD)

    how-to-get-more-clients-baby(The below is a transcript from the first 10 minutes of an hour long audio training CD – available for free – from Author, Speaker and Online Consultant Jon Rognerud)

    This audio transcript shows you how to attract clients and new customers. A BABY could do this, so why don’t you? I’ve made it real easy for you…;-)


    Hi. This is Jon, the founder of JonRognerud.com and author of Social Media Selling and The Ultimate Guide to Search Engine Optimization with Entrepreneur Press and McGraw Hill.

    I am fired up that you’re here. This is the Social Media Client Attraction CD.

    We’ve had a lot of requests for it. So I’m glad you received a copy there and listening to my voice today. By the way, stick around because I will tell you where you can get additional bonuses at the end. This is an audio program. It’s free. It’s chock full of information here and I hope this helps you on your social media journey to success.


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    How To Use Twitter To Market Your Local Business (Strategy+Tools)


    There are many easy ways to use Twitter for local marketing and general visitor attraction.

    Local businesses can use the Twitter and the Interwebs for marketing in the same way that multinational corporations do.

    In fact, local small businesses will probably get better results than a large corporation because their target audience is smaller, their offerings will be more direct.

    AND… you don’t need a big list or a huge marketing budget to make Twitter work for marketing your small local business.

    Before getting into the Twitter tools (bottom of this post), here are some important things to start with.

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    6 Easy Ways To Use Twitter For Your Business (And Get Some Love Too)

    twitter-usage-business-loveUsing Twitter to promote your business is a great way to get more traffic in the door to purchase your products and / or services.

    There are many different ways that you can use Twitter for business connection-building, engagement and promotions that will make using Twitter one of your favorite platforms.

    Even if you’ve been using Twitter for a while without results, you can start anew today with these 6  easy ways to use Twitter for your business.

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