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    One Way To Build Trust Online

    Seth Godin
    Image via Wikipedia

    Online and off – we are faced with information overload. In fact, we have more messages coming at us every day, and faster than ever before.

    Who can you trust? What can you believe? (and… do you ‘see’ anything at all?)

    Advertisers try to get you to see their marketing, and eventually buy their stuff all the time. But, you probably have seen ads or videos where the guy or gal looks the part, says the right thing, right smile and perfect message – but for some reason, you don’t believe them?

    Seth Godin talks about power sneezers and promiscous sneezers for ideas and messages in his book “Unleashing the Idea Virus”.  The promiscous ones are essentially bought out, but they can make things look believeable, because they are somehow trusted in the public’s eye. Actors are a good example of this.  But some are not.

    “I’m not a doctor, but I play one on TV”

    In business, and for leaders in general, it’s not easy to inspire high, consistent confidence, and especially if you are unknown. It can take years or even decades of concentrated effort into order to have a reputation as a trustworthy leader who means what he or she says. It can take just one bad day to undo that trust as well. This means that you must be diligent at all times to inspire confidence in yourself as a leader.

    Whenever you’re making decisions in private, whenever you’re dealing with your employees, whenever you’re addressing the public, either directly or through an ad, you must be totally sincere.

    The people will know if you aren’t. And they won’t forgive you.

    So, what is one way to build trust for your own brand?

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    10 Underused Things To Build Your Business In Life

    Henry Ward Beecher
    Image via Wikipedia

    Hold yourself responsible for a higher standard than anybody else expects of you.
    - Henry Ward Beecher

    This is a great quote to integrate into your life, every day, every hour – and even when no-one is looking. Good things come from living in a deep quality way. Attitude builds altitude. It affects you, it affects people, your life.

    When it comes to running your own business, and building towards success, a positive mental outlook will help you along the way. But it’s not enough.

    There is an old expression that says we make our own luck.  That is a particularly appropriate expression when it comes to business. Did you know that 90% of online businesses will fail within one to two years of start-up?

    And the common reasons for failure include:

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    What is ReMarketing or Retargeting?

    Examples of standard web advert sizes, from th...
    Image via Wikipedia

    Re-marketing is a practice that truly works to encourage a person to click on the banner ad. Google paid advertising (Google Adwords) has the ability to use the new remarketing advertising, more commonly known as retargeting. You should try it out. After it’s set up, you add a small code snippet on your page(s).

    Think of this scenario:

    You’re on a website and you see a banner ad for a free eBook about being more environmentally friendly.  This is something, which appeals to you so you click on the link, get the eBook and you move on with your life.  Then you decide to go to another website for another reason, only to find that same banner or a banner from the same company.  That advertisement stays on your mind a bit more.  And you’re seriously considering clicking on it again to see what it might have to offer you.

    But, again, you move onto what you were doing and you don’t click.

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    6 Human Buying Triggers and Buying Emotions Picture

    When marketing and advertising first began to grow in the world, it was because people realized that a person’s emotions could be more easily swayed than one’s logic – and that these emotions could often overtake logic.

    People all have different reactions to different events.  When they see a sad movie, some cry, some don’t.  When you can find a way to engage the emotions of a customer, you will begin to turn off their ability to think logically.

    Think about it. If you are buying a new car, a new kitchen, a new pair of shoes, a new dress, purse or a men’s suit – reasoning goes out the window, most of the time.

    Learn to use them in your advertising – ads, banners, sales pages, landing pages, and watch for it in your own life.

    Human emotional buying triggers:

    Did I miss anything?

    How To Create Content For Your Website (No Writing Skills Needed)

    Content is King for search engines and your business.

    vector version of this image
    Image via Wikipedia

    In various types – text, audio, video, images and more – they need it, and you need it. Flash movies don’t cut it, even though it’s technically “content”. Search engine spiders read text, but a multi-approach (multiple formats) is great.  You probably have seen videos displayed in the first page of search results (Google’s Universal Search), and the combination of meta text and popularity from links and views place them there.

    A small business owner has a hard time sitting down and writing for their website. They don’t have staff for this, and outsourcing it can seem like too big a stretch.

    And, we all get caught in the perfectionism role, or having web page content so brilliantly structured, it never actually gets done. I know this first hand. I have spent countless days, weeks, months – making sure a particular document or content piece is “perfect”, only to have the competition or the marketplace pass me by.

    How can you build content for your website fast, cheap, easy?

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    Killer Outsourcing Services To Grow Your Small Business (mturk)

    Tasks, tasks, tasks. Where/when does it end?

    Image by theyedropper´s world via Flickr

    You are busy running and building your own business, but the “to-do” list is overtaking you. While you can handle the larger, more important tasks, the micro projects are not taken care of.

    While these smaller, daily “things to get done” may seem less important, collectively – they can rob your sleep, and generally make you an unhappy camper.

    What to do, you say? Hire a mechanical turk. Spend some more time outside.

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    Fender G Dec Amplifiers & Social Media For Guitar Players?

    What does a guitar player’s Fender G Dec amp have to do with with Social Media?

    When I was 14 years old, I got my first guitar. I was “forced” into learning how to play guitar from my older brothers, since they already had a band going. They needed a guitar player, and nobody else was around.

    I learned the G-chord (my first – with one finger!), D-chord, and struggled with the A-chord (3 fingers on the same bar), but made it to rehearsal. (Early lesson: don’t assume you “got it” because you know people.  Continue pushing, never settle).

    Continuing on.

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    5 Essential Facebook Landing Pages Tips For Advertising Approval

    Weert-Arcen-Weert 2010
    Image by michix.2002 via Flickr

    If you are running advertising campaigns on Google (Adwords), you are likely frustrated about how expensive keywords and marketplace bidding has gotten.

    …feel like you are in first gear with your online advertising?

    With the laws of supply and demand, it’s expected to see this trend of saturation and competitive bidding. Therefore, it is important to keep reviewing and expanding your advertising options. With the new Bing-Yahoo integration, you can get up to speed on Bing Advertising and take advantage of an expanding platform with much better pricing.

    However, Facebook is receiving massive traffic and attention, growing fast, and the Facebook advertising platform and marketplace is still fantastic for newcomers. You can get it for low cost now.

    You must understand the basics of ad copy and especially facebook landing page layout, design and on-page factors, among several other things. A friend in the business tried to get his website listed, but because of affiliate landing pages, he was dismissed

    What are the top things about custom Facebook landing pages that work?

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    3 Reasons Why You Need Article Marketing For Your SEO

    312 || 365 Ascension
    Image by another.point.in.time via Flickr

    Content and links. That’s it. SEO in a nutshell.

    But, since spamming the search engines is not a great option, high quality content and links trump quantity for long term success. But, that just made the game more complex! What is quality content? You hear a lot about it, but who says it’s “quality”, and how do you define it, who or what can verify it?

    First of all, search engines don’t have any content themselves, they have to let the spiders loose – and get it, find it. Until they discover, store and classify the content (documents), the quality is unknown. Links & attribution is a key factor for the quality (‘Google PageRank is based on links, and is Google’s voting system’).

    How can you leverage article marketing for optimum SEO?

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