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    The Universal Laws Of YouTube Video Marketing With James Wedmore (Interview)

    James Wedmore, Leading Video Marketing Expert

    Hey everybody, this is exciting here. We’ve got one heck of an interview coming up with one of the top leaders in the industry.

    In fact, James Wedmore is one of the most sought after authorities on video marketing.

    James is the founder of Video Traffic Academy, a 6,000 plus strong members’ community of small business owners leveraging the power of YouTube and video to grow their businesses on line.  He actually has a film degree from a prestigious LA Film School and James has taken his passion for video marketing to show anyone how to drive more traffic, attract more leads and make more sales using the power of video. James ability to teach and communicate his effective strategies creates a blend of professionalism with simplicity that allows his students to produce real results.

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    Increasing Effectiveness Of Your SEO Efforts: 4 Important Things That Are Easy To Overlook

    Quite a number of people these days spend huge sums of money doing SEO (search engine optimization) to increase sales for their sites.

    This means that if the process is not successful, you stand the chance of losing a lot of money and not getting back any profits, since you will not have many visitors coming over to your site.

    Fortunately, there are a number of things that you can do to increase the chances of making your SEO efforts more effective.

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    8 Simple Tips For Successful Guest Posting

    If you know anything about blog promotion, you’re likely to have heard about the benefits of guest posting. When done correctly, guest posting is one of the easiest ways to get a blog noticed. Unfortunately however, when done incorrectly, it’s a very easy way to waste your time.

    If you want to get published on the best blogs, there are a number of things that you need to get right. The best blogs receive hundreds of guest post proposals and standing out is not easy. Here are eight simple tips for writing guest posts and getting them published on the kind of blogs that can send you some serious traffic.

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    What is An HTML Page? (For Beginners)

    The language of the “hidden” Internet is HTML (Shortened version of  Hyper Text Markup Language.)

    And I say hidden because it’s the ‘engine’ working with your browser to display a page on the Internet. You don’t see it when you land on a particular page.  It’s the non-visible part of your browsing experience. But, as you’ll see, absolutely necessary.

    A website is made up of pages, from a single page to many. You only see the text, pretty pictures, text, video, etc. But behind the scenes, HTML is the boss! (along with the technical infrastructure.)

    And much like any language, it has its own syntax and it must be learned.

    It’s really quite easy.

    In this post, we’ll cover some of the basics of an HTML page, look at the anatomy of a page, and how you can create an HTML page for yourself.

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    What Makes A Great Website? (VIDEO)

    The WORLD’S GREATEST WEBSITE – does it really exist?

    Alrighty…We’re onto some heavy stuff here.

    We could also ask questions about the meaning of life,  our and your purpose on this planet and how and when the human race really began. How about mythical creatures – are they just that – myths – or did they ever exist?

    Nah, that’s just a waste of time when we already know the answer to the website question.

    There are only a few core things that make up the worlds greatest website. I hope you watch this video now, and learn what they are. It will change the way you think about websites forever. (It’s BOLD, I know!)

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    VIDEO: How To Generate More Cash Online In 4 Days Using This Sales Process

    As you’ve seen in the previous videos – I showed you how you can generate leads with no marketing budget (video #1), how you could build out a structure of an online lead magnet or human grabber (video #2) so that your audience could get more information. And, you could now begin to serve + engage with them. This will be fully explained in today’s post and video (below).

    In this business building system presentation today (video #3), you’ll see how to turn on your revenue in a much bigger way. And, it’s been systematized. So, you build it once, and it starts working for you, over-and-over again.

    In summary, here are the videos – summarized:

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    The Anatomy Of A Money Making Landing Page (Free Example Download)

    In a previous marketing training video, I outlined the principles to creating an effective, no budget lead-generating marketing system. This was focused on small businesses owners that have little to no money for marketing.  Thanks for all your emails and sharing it on the social web.

    One of the questions that came in was around “how do I structure a lead capture page?”

    Here then, is the “anatomy of a money landing page” – and with a FREE PDF download for the complete picture. (click the picture for full view, download the pdf below.

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    Are You Constantly Patching Your Local Online Marketing Bucket Holes? (Here’s How To Fix It)

    Fix Your Online Marketing Bucket

    Small businesses service millions of people across the USA and around the world, injecting billions of bottom line dollars across many levels of business.

    Without them (us) – the economy would collapse. That is one thing the political candidates agree on, whether it’s the republican or democratic side of the isle.

    But here and now, YOU – as a business owner – a dentist, doctor, plastic surgeon, plumber, restaurant-owner, florist, web designer or Entrepreneur of too many niche markets to count, only care about a few things:

    a) how to get more patients, customers, clients from phone calls, foot-traffic & web-traffic
    b) how to convert these into quality leads and ongoing business relationships and referrals
    c) how to create more profit and growth from your (local) business

    If you are not making money, you might as well quit. So…

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    Help! I Need Leads But I Have No Marketing Budget (VIDEO For Beginner Marketers)

    We all had to start somewhere when launching our business.

    Most of us were not born into a situation where money for marketing was just handed out.

    You had to learn, earn and invest what you could.

    Today, with the interwebs, there are some cool strategies that can help you be smarter about how you generate leads …and starting with a minimum budget.

    But, truthfully – there is either time or money (or both), right?  Time costs money, but it’s not necessarily cash out of your wallet.

    So, watch this marketing video, and learn what 4 things you can do right now to get started with a zero marketing budget.

    Let’s begin with a little story and how I helped this friendly small business-owner I met at my school.

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    Want To Learn How To Use WordPress To Get Better Website Performance?

    Top Performance Tips Used By Professionals

    What are some of your top questions around building websites?

    I get questions all the time and common topics that arise are:

    • design (what’s the best design to use?)
    • development (who should I get to build it, and how long does it take?)
    • structure & layout (what’s the best way to architect my site for users and search engines?)
    • branding (how much time should I spend on branding initiatives, how important is it?)
    • graphics (where can I get them, should I use images over Flash/moving animation, videos, etc?)
    • cost (is it expensive?)

    These are a starting points for many, but most don’t know where to start, or what to ask.

    That’s ok. You are learning.

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