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    The Easiest Way To Learn Celebrity Marketing

    That's my hand holding the microphone!
    Image via Wikipedia

    Outside of the obvious marketing channels like PPC, SEO, Social Media – many more marketing techniques are not discussed, or used as much. Celebrity marketing and celebrity endorsements can be that different and new marketing channel for you.

    The publicity and credibility that follows can be a game-changer, including powerful networking. If you are somehow associated with an A or B-list celebrity, you must be powerful yourself. By association. Makes sense. Mostly. Brad Pitt and you? Perhaps!

    Interestingly enough, for business marketers that live in the entertainment capital of the world: Los Angeles (Hollywood) – it’s still almost too obvious. It’s like, when you live at the beach, you don’t go as much as if you are located far away. Funny how that works.

    Either way, there is a celebrity marketing track you can follow to make your business famous, and there are steps to take. If you want to learn about how to chose the right celebrities and marketing your business via a celebrity leverage, you have a big reason to read on. It’s easier than you think.

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    Use These Top 5 Essential Quality Web Directories for SEO

    SEOmoz Ranking Correlation Graphic

    Ranking Correlation (Click for larger image from seomoz.org)

    Looking at data collected from the Internet at large – and over time, we have learned that the top ranking factors for search engines are clearly hyper responsive to anything that deals with trust & authority.

    The way search engines rank pages include some 200+ signals to date. Content & links are central to this mix.

    The alluring question is – how do you get some T&A love from the Internet?

    There are many ways to do this, but one way – perhaps somewhat forgotten in current year, are submission and inclusion in web directories. And, we’re not talking about spammy stuff here. We are looking for quality directories that are seen as healthy and trustworthy in the search engines’ eyes, and can provide visibility and some web traffic too. What are the top directories to consider?

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    Are People This Ignorant? Really?

    Airplane Movie QuotesWe, (especially, the techno-geeks) assume too much.

    To that point, here are a few questions for y’all:

    • What is a hospital? (Answer: “It’s a big building with patients, but that’s not important right now.”) *Airplane 1980 Movie ->
    • What is a waffle? (hmmm…)
    • What is a credit card?
    • What is a beach ball?
    • What is a browser?

    The answers to the above are so straight forward we don’t make much of it.

    Real video, real people – answers

    But, what if we took a camera to the streets and starting asking questions. I think you’ll be surprised. Lesson: never assume anything – test everything! (that’s the answer to “what is Internet success”?)

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    Bring Home The Bacon With Infographics For Your Website

    [Image Provided By: OnlineSchools.org]

    Infographics are sizzlin’ hot these days!

    It can generate massive attention for you, including fast top search engine rankings, but you need to keep adding them.

    Infographics can help you earn lots of visitors, money, and help you become successful online much faster than without it.

    The concept of viral sharing and wide distribution on the ‘net is powerful, and these types of documents can do it.

    Quality is always a concern, but if done right – you’ll get a lot of mileage for your brand.

    “Porkchops and bacon, my two favorite animals.” – Homer Simpson

    It is essentially a way to represent an interesting topic and condensed into very informative, readable, shareable, exciting and quick snippet for your visitors. Check out results in Google for that term, for even more examples. But, how have others used this?

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    New Landing Page Best Practices: Free Guide for Optimal Landing Page Designs

    It’s a basic question for online success – what are your needs?

    We are faced with these questions:

    You want:

    1. Massive Traffic (MT) to your website?
    2. Top Rankings (TR) across killer, competitive keywords?
    3. Incredible Conversion rates (CR) and sales from your landing pages?

    Which one above is the most important to you?

    You’d be amazed to hear what I see most of the time…

    But, If you are just coming out with a new website – it may be just traffic you are concerned with. Perhaps you’ve been at it for a bit, and you want to have your website ranked for some keyword phrases, and your in-house SEO guy/gal wants to share “impressive” ranking stats. Or…?

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    How To Give Your Adwords PPC a Massive Boost: Try These 3 Easy Ways

    Danny Sullivan & His Panel "Ads In A Qual...
    Image by toprankonlinemarketing via Flickr

    PPC – Pay Per Click – the advertising model where you get charged each time someone clicks on your ad, is one of the fastest ways to drive traffic, leads and potential business your way.  Google’s job is to make this happen efficiently for you….or, wait… do they really do a great job?

    Which one of these are you:

    1. “Pay per click is easy, works great (and life is wonderful)”
    2. “Pay per click is a money-drain, losing money every day, too competitive now”
    3. “Pay per click is partially working for me, but quality leads of leads are not good”

    I’m here to tell you that Google Adwords – while getting competition from places like Facebook Ads (great demographic targeting!) – is still a good place for you to not only build online traffic, but “buy” invaluable marketing data. It can be the best thing you do before starting any SEO project, for example. But, there again – you have to do it right. (Hint: here’s how…)

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    6 Reasons To Choose Facebook Over Google

    Facebook Users

    Image via Jon Rognerud/Money/CNN

    As referenced in my blog post about PPC Boost Ideas, Google is still the top dog when it comes to online advertising.

    However, there are a number of compelling reasons why Facebook is an avenue to explore for you. With over 500 million users, a potentially huge traffic and visibility generator, you would be a fool not to take a look.  The truth is, Facebook might just turn out to be the challenger that bites the big dog’s nose off.

    1. Lack of Competition (but act now…)

    Google is an extremely competitive arena that some advertisers no longer have the means to compete in. Facebook has an advertising base that is just a fraction of Google’s at this time. While this will not remain so, the timing is perfect for advertisers to check into Facebook’s potential. Have you seen the Facebook Ad systems yet?

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    Here's One New Tip for a Top Google Keyword Placement – Fast

    There are no guarantees in life, right? ;-)

    That’s at least (partially) true for a top Google natural listing in a competitive market.  It goes for the other search engines as well. Unless you own that search engine, we all have to just “get to work”, think positively, and contribute, share like crazy and apply our best Search Engine Optimization processes.

    However, there is a new way to severely impact that SEO workload in a positive direction – and fast.

    Of course, nothing in life is really ultimately free. We pay with time, money.


    Do you have a lot of time, but no money? This solution may be a hard road.

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    The Expert's Top Secret Social Media Tools List

    Social Media Life - Workstation
    Image by the tartanpodcast via Flickr

    We all know that using social media tools and technology are last on any of your early stage social media planning. Your goals (you have them, right?) should begin with the end in mind, and broken down into phases and measurement as you go along (and some champagne for you as they are reached!)

    However, this post is not about measuring social media.

    I’m talking about the power social media toolset that experts use today.

    Here is that list in no particular order, and you should consider learning the best social media tools:

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    Keywords: Quick Way to Find Out Where Your Domain is Ranked

    Web Analytics Wednesday in Rio de Janeiro, Bra...
    Image by Alessandra Gonçalves via Flickr

    Keywords are gold within the world of SEO. If you are researching your competition, for example – do you know for what keywords they are ranked? If you don’t have web analytics on your page – do you know where you are ranked?

    Here’s a quick way to find out, I put together a 2 minute video.

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