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    How to Make the Most Out of Your Internship (6 Things)

    Internship – Business Cubicle

    One of the most important experiences of your entire college career will be your internship.

    Lots of majors require one, and you may even be lucky enough to do multiple internships by the time you’ve graduated.

    Your internship is a great learning experience, and in the best case scenario it could even land you a job.

    So – here are some tips of making the most out of it.

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    How To Turn Big Ideas Into Success With Business Performance Guru Melanie Benson Strick (video)

    Melanie Benson Strick Success Strategies

    Welcome to the Executive Interview Series!

    I am Jon Rognerud, your host on JonRognerud.com.

    Today we are extremely excited; we have Melanie Benson Strick on the line.

    We are going to do a live Skype interview. She is known as the big idea catalyst, because she knows firsthand how to take an idea and turn it into a thriving six figure business with her secret weapon; leverage.

    With over 12 years in corporate project management, Melanie works exclusively with thought leaders and big thinking entrepreneurs who want proven strategies to monetize their big ideas and catapult their success without giving up their life.

    Melanie’s clients are typically coaches, consultants, authors, speakers, service professionals, and information marketers typically add six figures to the bottom line while creating more time for living their dream.

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    Guest Blogging Vs Article Marketing: Which is Better?

    What’s better? Guest Blogging or Article Marketing?

    It is important to make comparisons between guest blogging and article marketing when looking for the ideal marketing tools for promoting your business.

    You will find that the two strategies are poles apart since guest blogging has superior advantages when compared to article marketing.

    Below are some of the reasons why guest blogging strategically overshadows article marketing.

    Do you agree?

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    5 Ways Every Office Can Successfully Use Google+ Daily

    Social Media Wisdom In The Office

    “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness….”

    That’s how Charles Dickens started “A Tale of Two Cities” in 1859. The same thing could be written today about social media in the office.

    At its best, social media delivers the ideal tools to make offices more efficient and the insights to guide businesses into the right choices in an economic climate where wisdom is perhaps the most valuable, and scarce, resource.

    At its worst, social media can lead to foolishness in the office, resulting in nothing more than wasted time.

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    5 Cool Retro Video Tools For iPhone Bloggers

    Retro Video Tools For iPhone & Blogging

    A powerful toolset for any blogger or journalist building a presence and following online must include techno-gadgets. In his/her toolbelt, the iPhone is standard.

    The iPhone Application Directory has hundreds of thousands of apps, and many are free. When it comes to video tools and apps, Instagram has proven itself many times over, and is a popular download.

    The inventors idea was simple: make an app that matches the old, vintage cameras of yester-year.

    The idea is to create different effects that stand out, tell a story – made simple – with a click and a few dials on your mobile device. The retro effect is one that stands out.

    But, there are many more tools to help the amateur and professional alike. Let’s review.

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    Follow The Top 4 Best Practices for Social Media Success

    Get Happy With Social Media Best Practices

    The growing world of social media is one of the most effective communication tools businesses have at their disposal.

    Social media outlets combine advertising, marketing and customer service into a personalized and user friendly format.

    The following best practices in social media will help you create and manage successful social media campaigns for your company.

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    7 Rules of Successful List Building For Email Marketers

    The 7 Rules of Email List Building

    If you really want to succeed in email marketing, you have to know the rules to succeed in list building.

    Here is the first of the 7 rules of successful list building:

    1. Never send spam email to your subscribers

    No matter how great the number of your subscribers, you must never send any unsolicited advertisement to your subscribers. First of all, it is annoying. You might agree with me on this one. But, another drawback is that when you send spam email to your subscribers, your email will be directed to spam folder. Thus, it will be automatically deleted by your subscribers.

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    Internet Marketing Expert Lee Odden Reveals 3 Success Principles For Total Online Optimization (interview)

    Lee Odden – Author of the New Book “Optimize” Explains the 3 Phases To Optimization Success for Your Small, Medium or Large Business

    Jon here with another addition of the” Executive Interview Series” where we interview and talk to some of the best of the best, the finest of the finest, in the online marketing space.  Today,  we have Mr. Lee Odden.

    He is the author of (new book) Optimize: “How to attract and engage more customers by integrating SEO, social media and content marketing”.

    He’s also the CEO of Top Rank Online Marketing, which is a Minneapolis based digital marketing agency that helps Fortune 1000 companies grow brand visibility and sales online. Lee has 15 years of veteran internet marketing experience and he’s been cited by the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Forbes and the Economist for his online marketing and PR expertise. He also publishes one of the most popular marketing blogs – toprankblog.com on the web. And Mr. Odden serves on the advisory board for Incisive media’s SES conferences and speaks internationally on the topics of integrated PR, search, social media and content marketing. I’m excited as can be here today! He’s hard to track down but we finally got this together … and let’s dig in.

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    Google Adwords Proposal Generator Sales Tool

    Google’s Adwords Proposal Maker Tool

    If you are looking to generate more paid traffic on Google and would like an OFFICIAL keyword and traffic proposal from Google, what do you do?

    How about running your website (actually, page) through their own Google Adwords Proposal Tool and get the results on screen, as well as in a PDF adwords proposal downloaded immediately? (SEO example, Wikipedia)

    Here’s how it works.

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    3 Things To Avoid When Using Article Marketing For SEO

    Don’t do THIS with your Article Marketing

    Article marketing is one of the most effective SEO tools available, provided of course that you do it right.

    In spite of all the benefits that can be gained from article marketing many people seem to miss the most important aspects of article marketing.

    They produce something that is not nearly as effective as it could be.

    It can sometimes be preferable not to try to think of how it should be done, but rather try to think of how it should NOT be done.

    There are some simple guidelines that you should stick to that will help to improve the effectiveness of your article marketing campaign.

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