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    Signs That Men Are In Love – 15 Insider Secrets

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    What does love have to do with Small Business?

    Well, a lot.

    In fact, if you – as an entrepreneur and business owner don’t have a complete life, and somebody to love, and be loved by – you will struggle more than you need to.

    You may be missing the success-boat completely.

    We humans need to feel/be loved, and when time comes to move on, you’ll guaranteed not be thinking about how much money you made.

    While true, it’s hard for women to find out when guys are actually in love.

    Learn 15 things that men may be keeping from you — or, you may be reading them wrong!

    Valentine’s Day has just passed, and spring is just around the corner!  In such a season it is impossible not to think about love, and all the possibilities for romance.  Unfortunately, in this day and age it’s not as easy as it used to be to tell if a guy is interested or not.

    The following is a list of 15 different signs to show you when a man is in love.

    1)      He will give you gifts, whether purchased or home made.  This can include flowers, jewelry, songs, or poetry.

    2)      He stares at you when he thinks you’re not looking.

    3)      He looks deep into your eyes with passion.

    4)      He invites you to meet all of his friends.

    5)      He doesn’t like spending time away from you.

    6)      He compliments you in every way he can think of.

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    7)      He gives you foot massages and helps you relax.

    8)      He calls or texts you when you are apart, saying he misses you.

    9)      He asks you for your advice, and respects your opinion above all others.

    10)  He laughs at all of your jokes.

    11)  He has confided in you, told you secrets, and been emotional with you.

    12)  He gets jealous when you talk to other men.

    13)  He invites you to an important holiday celebration with family.

    14)  He defends your honor against an aggressive antagonist.

    15)  He talks about marriage and having kids, subtly making plans for the future he sees with you.

    There are many ways to tell if a man is in love, and many different ways for a man to show he is in love.

    But remember, every man is different and a sure sign for one person isn’t necessarily a sure sign for another.  Always be thorough when making your assessment, and try not to stress about it!

    Who do you have in your life that loves you? And, are you keeping the signs from them? Open up a bit more, and you’ll be happier in your business as well.



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