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    They Laughed When I Wanted To Be An Ad Writer, But When The Results Came Back…

    This is probably not what business man and advertising mogul David Ogilvy felt when he started writing. However, many of us do. It’s hard to write good ad copy. Mr. Ogilvy had spent most of time performing research (Gallup), and when he sat down to produce creatives, it flowed, to say the least. I read the “Ogilvy on Advertising“, and he seemed to be a natural from birth — I thought. But, as I progressed, I realized that his success came from massive research – more than anybody else at the time. In advertising, you will need a hook to get …

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    Is Your Google Advertising Costing You More Than It Should?

    Google ads are getting expensive. It’s a pretty broad statement, but I’m referring to Adwords search network specifically. The cost per click has been rising steadily as even more businesses come online. While many still don’t understand or have figured out Google advertising and best practices (see Top 11 Money-Wasting Adwords Mistakes), all these new players heat up the auctioning & bidding. You must be a lot smarter about your advertising – ads, bid prices and the entire marketing funnel, ie. user experience.  And, if you are an affiliate with a “thin” website and a bridge-page, you’ll be rejected faster …

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    Facebook Ads: New Audience Creator and Lead Generator

    Image via CrunchBase With Facebook reaching higher traffic numbers than Google, and with users nearing 600 million worldwide, you have a huge platform to share your message. Add the amazingly detailed demographics and geographic targeting options and competitive bidding, you have a people platform that cannot be ignored. Here are some tips to use Facebook advertising to its full potential.

    What Are The Secret Banner Advertising Rules?

    Image via Wikipedia A banner ad looks like it’s a pretty simple thing to make when you’re looking at it online. After all, it’s just a little block with some colors and some words in it. This is something that makes a quick impression with a customer and then the customer clicks on the ad to find out more and to be directed to a new website. But things are a little trickier than this. You need to keep in mind the rules of ads before you get started and then you need to realize that the rules can change, …

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    The 10 Best Media Buying Websites You Should Know

    Image by babageik via Flickr But you might be one of those people who wants to handle their own advertising and media buying on their own. You want to get in with both hands and begin to create banner ads, negotiating with each site as to how they will be placed, when they will appear, etc. This is a lot of work. And when your time is so valuable, you might want to rethink this option. Here are some tips you can use, and the top 10 best media buying websites.

    How To Get Better CTR (click-through) on Google Adwords

    When running campaigns on Google Adwords, the higher the click-through rates are — the better. It impacts traffic, quality scores and overall engagement. You are rewarded for having better action and through-put. You win, and Google wins (charging you for those clicks). While ongoing testing and tuning is part of any marketers love (or nightmare) – nothing different with this solution offered from Google now. Google Product Listing Ads are now being made available to all of Google’s advertisers in the United States. You still have to test ads, keywords, but this system does make things a little simpler. Research …

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    How Patience, Metrics And Your (Facebook) Advertising Can Be Friends

    Are you bored waiting for your internet marketing and advertising tactics to work? Advertising in any arena is not an exact science. The “right” combination of creative and tactics must be used. It’s not easy – and you’ll never be bored! Even the big boys on Madison Avenue have chalked up more than a few errors to their credit through the years. To get the greatest benefit out of online ads (Google, Bing, Facebook), you have to be willing to experiment and discover what combination of words, images and demographics really work for your products and services. Promise, big promise, is still …

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    Amazing Benefits With Facebook Web Traffic

    High quality traffic matters more than just “any” traffic. (I’ll share some results from a recent inexpensive social traffic campaign I ran – in another, future post). Facebook is the most targeted traffic you can get on the web today. I can drill down into their demographics and topic selections and show you an ad at the place you work, if I wanted to! (scary) If you’re new to online marketing, you may not understand the value of garnering high quality traffic or even what it means. In the advertising world – offline as well as online – quality traffic …

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    Why is Facebook the Secret Weapon for Local Online Advertising?

    Let me just say it: I have been taken by social media marketing and the killer opportunities that now exist because of it. (and, been darn busy lately, not much time for writing). Yeah, you know – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, WordPress and another bazillion (I counted) other platforms, tools & technologies popping up every week, it seems. Add to this my enjoyment of it as a SEO (link building, visibility) friendly activity, and there’s no wonder why you see so many SEO companies developing strategies using it. If you have, you are probably familiar with this systematic social media …

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