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    Google Adwords Proposal Generator Sales Tool

    If you are looking to generate more paid traffic on Google and would like an OFFICIAL keyword and traffic proposal from Google, what do you do? How about running your website (actually, page) through their own Google Adwords Proposal Tool and get the results on screen, as well as in a PDF adwords proposal downloaded immediately? (SEO example, Wikipedia) Here’s how it works.

    Google Click-to-Teleport Extensions Adwords

    Google creates and makes improvements to products all the time, and in the case of the search engine, pretty much every day. In one of my Adwords accounts, I noticed a new feature which is sure to below many businesses away (literally). It’s the new “Click-To-Teleport” feature. The benefits? While there are many, the one standing out is the “driving in-store sales”. Customers will literally simply appear. Here’s how it works.

    Are You Missing The Overlooked Gold In Google Ad Networks?

    It bloomed out of a garage by two programming geeks in California. They didn’t know how they were going to make money from it. But, they saw the future. The web needed to be organized and the existing search engines weren’t cutting it. Soon… searchers began to notice the difference too. Google was faster and more relevant than the competition. One-by-one the once heavy favorites to win the search race fell by the wayside… Alta-vista, Lycos, and even the well-funded Yahoo and MSN. “Google” became a verb. How did it happen?

    How To Setup Google Adwords Conversion Tracking In 5 Easy Steps

    Most clients I come across that has done “some” Adwords Pay Per Click (PPC), have lots of questions about it, since it’s not working for them. And, with Google Adwords new options, tools and strategies (more competitive marketplaces) – answers get more complex too. We use a checklist, and when we ask about targeting, display (content) network versus search network, bidding strategies, ad copy, ad optimization selections, keyword match types and perhaps most importantly, conversion code – we get blank stares. That’s ok. It’s not their job to run a profitable PPC campaign, if they can only spend 20-30 minutes …

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    Slice 18 Hours Off Your Keyword Research

    Keyword research for both SEO & PPC is hard. Not only in trying to dissect the right keywords and layers to target (head keywords, chunky middle keywords, long tail keywords), but also revealing what the competition is up to at the same time. And, it’s important to organize your work, and not just use one tool to do the job. So, time becomes another factor to deal with. Clearly, each marketplace is different, but you need both street-smarts (your business strategy and online plans) – as well as tactical understanding. That includes metrics. For PPC (Adwords), you may not want …

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    Is Your Google Advertising Costing You More Than It Should?

    Google ads are getting expensive. It’s a pretty broad statement, but I’m referring to Adwords search network specifically. The cost per click has been rising steadily as even more businesses come online. While many still don’t understand or have figured out Google advertising and best practices (see Top 11 Money-Wasting Adwords Mistakes), all these new players heat up the auctioning & bidding. You must be a lot smarter about your advertising – ads, bid prices and the entire marketing funnel, ie. user experience.  And, if you are an affiliate with a “thin” website and a bridge-page, you’ll be rejected faster …

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    What Is Google Adwords Phone Call Tracking?

    Image via Wikipedia One of the questions I hear business executives ask often is “how do I track incoming calls from my online campaigns”?  And, it gets better: “…how can I see a simple dashboard report of those calls that turned into real business (i.e. closed business)”? Essentially, when a visitor reacts to an ad, and enters a website landing page,  it often requires a keyboard input (form fields). Those are easy to track with conversion code/script. But, inbound phone call activity from a toll free or local phone number shown in the TITLE tag of a page (shown in …

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    New Google Trick Competes for Local Small Business Advertising

    Image via Wikipedia Yup, Google is using the phone to “advertise”. Find out why below. Google is in fact using several hundred sales reps to reach out to local businesses directly. Restaurants, spas, hotels receive calls and with incentives to use their local placements and local ad features. A special office in Tempe, Arizona was set up to handle the bulk of these calls. I personally wonder how easily they convince business owners that they actually are legit reps from Google. There is so much spam and misrepresentation out there, and I’ve actually listened to calls, received them myself, and …

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    Take 15 Free PPC Lessons For Google Adwords

    Is Google Adwords too difficult to use? But, you need it to build your online business? Outside of taking the time to learn (first), apply (second), stay up to date with all changes (third), and ongoing testing processes and tools (ongoing) – are you relegated to outsourcing the entire Adwords campaign management? The new updated Adwords Certification Program may be just what you need. (And, you don’t have to get certified if you don’t want/need to) What does the updated Adwords Training Curriculum cover?

    How To Get Better CTR (click-through) on Google Adwords

    When running campaigns on Google Adwords, the higher the click-through rates are — the better. It impacts traffic, quality scores and overall engagement. You are rewarded for having better action and through-put. You win, and Google wins (charging you for those clicks). While ongoing testing and tuning is part of any marketers love (or nightmare) – nothing different with this solution offered from Google now. Google Product Listing Ads are now being made available to all of Google’s advertisers in the United States. You still have to test ads, keywords, but this system does make things a little simpler. Research …

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