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    6 Easy Ways To Use Twitter For Your Business (And Get Some Love Too)

    Using Twitter to promote your business is a great way to get more traffic in the door to purchase your products and / or services. There are many different ways that you can use Twitter for business connection-building, engagement and promotions that will make using Twitter one of your favorite platforms. Even if you’ve been using Twitter for a while without results, you can start anew today with these 6  easy ways to use Twitter for your business.

    How To Manage Sales Teams As An Accidental Sales Manager (Interview)

    I was lucky enough to get sales management guru Suzanne M. Paling on an exclusive interview recently. She explains with great detail the ins-and-outs of managing sales teams, whether it is a one-person team, or much larger groups. And, she reveals some of the biggest mistakes that top level executives make in trying to find, hire and manage sales teams. Some are not as obvious as you might think. What follows is the audio recording and transcription of key principles and teachings from her long background and experience as a sales person and sales consultant. Her book, the “Accidental Sales …

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    Small Business Bankruptcy, Crashing Economy And Depression Exploded These 3 Giants

    There is no crystal ball. (Defined: “A crystal ball is a crystal or glass ball believed by some people to aid in the performance of clairvoyance.”). Or at least, not in the REAL world. There is simply no way to predict the future. Except, for one area…. When it comes to the economy. For example, the likelihood of next 20 years being similar to the last 20. It will share similar patterns, trends, and behave PRETTY MUCH the same. (not getting into the nitty gritty here, crash in the real estate sub-prime markets, etc). You can look at any trend line, even …

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    Rich People Are Better Than You

    How many times growing up did I wonder what rich people did to make themselves “better” than the rest? Well, plenty of times, but not at first. It didn’t start until I came to the USA. In my home country (Norway), there was little talk about money in the day-to-day. It was always about “living”. (I later understood better the expression: ‘work to live, or live to work’). In many countries outside of the US, folks work to live (not the other way around) and to enjoy themselves, family & friends. In truth, we all want that. But – it seems …

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    How To Create a Good Business Slogan

    Do you need to create a new slogan for your business? Here is how to create an “Aphrodisiac Business Slogan” A great business slogan is one that elicits a desired response from your ideal customer, nothing more, and definitely nothing less. In just a few words your businesses slogan should invoke a specific audience to perform a specific action or feel a certain way. Here the 3 questions to consider when constructing that perfect slogan…

    How To Create An Abundance Of Sales

    For any (small) business, the steady pursuit of leads and opportunities to build their sales pipeline is top of mind for the owners and employees. The concern varies of course. Employees with a steady paycheck may not see the sales and marketing activities, or understand what the management team is doing in that area. But, for management – it’s always on their mind. And, the struggle of balancing the company account checkbook and making sure everybody gets paid (employees, partners, vendors, government) can make for many sleepless nights. If you are in your own business as a ‘solo-preneur’ – you …

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    How To Work Positive In A Negative World With Dr. Joey Faucette

    Dr. Joey Faucette is somebody you just want to get to know. His kind spirit, deep knowledge in business & life, dedication to helping people and businesses attain a “bigger purpose and result”, all with a positive view on life, is truly inspiring. (wow, all in one sentence too!) You feel it when you meet or speak with him. (And, it probably helps that he is from the south originally, and with a slow, upbeat, and purposeful voice and message!). Mr. Faucette is an internationally known author, speaker, and coach. He has taught business professionals this life-transforming process for over two …

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    These Next 5 Minutes Will Be Worth Thousands For Your Business

    I often get asked: “what’s the fastest and best marketing channel you know of (to get more clients & business)”? Of course, without understanding their unique situation, a blanket statement will not work. Imagine if I said that SEO or PPC were the best options, always. That would be biased, and not serving them well. However, there is one answer that is true in ALL cases, NO MATTER WHAT. It’s the one answer that will be of great value to you and your business…EVERY TIME! Let’s dig in, shall we?

    Never Underestimate How Big You Are

    In sales (and in life in general), the biggest opponent to success is…. FEAR. The fear of what other people will think about you, say about you – or don’t say about you. I discovered over the years that the times I found myself “stalling”, coming up with “excuses”, and not being “motivated” when dealing with growing a business, or otherwise – it’s been out this nasty fear. The little voice in your head that says you’re not good enough. Now, I’m not talking about fear from going into actual (war) battle – but it’s (feels like) close. What do …

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    The Number 1 Reason To Start Your Own Business

    When it comes to building wealth for yourself, there are only a few ways to do it (legally). In fact, everything gets channeled into this key solution to wealth. Do you know what it is? (and, it’s not an April Fool’s Joke!) Click for larger view

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