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    Utilizing Social Media Networks in Small Business to Increase Success (Infographic)

    In today’s technological world, is it any wonder that most small business owners rely heavily on Internet resources to promote and advertise their services? When most people think of using the Internet to promote business, they think of search engines like Google and Yahoo. It may surprise you, however, to find that social media networks also have a great influence on customers and where they choose to take their business. So what are the social media networks that small businesses use to increase customers and sales?

    Will Facebook Continue to Lead the Pack in Social Media Networking?

    When Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg unveiled to the world the new feature called Timeline in the fall of 2011, he said that Facebook would be THE one and only social media networking site to document life from birth to death. As everyone now knows, Facebook users can post baby photos to signify the beginning of their Facebook lives. This is not the first time this has occurred on the web. Several years ago, technology experts and analysts believed that MySpace and Friendster would be around forever. Perhaps Facebook can go on indefinitely?

    Top Ten Tips for Making People Like You (Virtually)

    Most bloggers are well aware of the importance of social media when it comes to promoting their content. And one of the most effective types of social media promotion when it comes to blogging is Facebooks Like system. Should you be wondering what all the fuss is about, here are the three key benefits of Facebook Likes when it comes to blogging. The more Likes you have, the better your blog is going to look in the eyes of first time visitors. When somebody Likes your blog, they are significantly more likely to return. This is because when a Facebook …

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    46 Minutes Of KILLER Facebook Online Lead Generation Insights With Jennifer Sheahan

    I was introduced to Jennifer Sheahan by Frank Kern over a year ago. Since then, this humble, super-passionate, knowledgeable and caring person continues to impress everybody. As you’ll learn, she’s worked her way up from knowing nothing, to a “guru” status in just a few years. She delivers very real results to her many top clients, focusing on Facebook campaign management, consulting and training. She spends her time in the USA and Australia, and today – she shares some of her best kept secrets with all of us. Her sharing & caring is deeply rooted in her personality (as you’ll …

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    The Psychology of the $1 Million Dollar Web Traffic Trick

    The message is profound. It’s very serious. And super profitable. But, only for the businesses that know how traffic really works on the “Inter-webs”. We know that not all traffic is created equal. Right? Think about it for a moment. Let’s use an offline example: If I have the most amazing recipe for blueberry muffins, well known for it, and I have an awesome, physical store that’s located just in the “right” location, and I have hoards of potential customers in the neighborhood, and – even some who have traveled far… but – to get the best strawberry muffins (it’s a connoisseur …

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    How To Succeed On The Internet In 3 Simple Steps (Fun Student Video)

    There is an idea that says: “build it, and they will come”. I’m here to tell you it’s a fallacy…unless you think about, plan and execute your _____________ (insert what you are creating here)…..well, “just right”. And, when it comes to the Internet at large, there is nothing worse than assuming that business or traffic to your websites and social media properties will just “happen”. There is a clear path to success online, if you know how. Now, much is written on this topic. There are many ways to drive traffic (visitors) to your pages, videos and multi-social (Twitter, Facebook, …

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    5 Most Important Tips Your Business Needs To Know About Facebook

    Once restricted to use by individuals (students), Facebook has become a valuable business tool, both as a communication tool, but also as a (social) traffic and leads generating one. If becoming a Facebook social media marketer makes you wonder where to begin, here are five things you should do on Facebook for your company and small business. We assume that you have a profile set up on Facebook already. You’ll need to set up and verify your account via the mobile option and email. Let’s get started.

    Four Things You Need To Get Free Social Media Traffic Fast

    Social networking is one of the fastest ways to generate traffic to your business website. There are several strategies, from blog posting, guest posting, article marketing, email marketing and video marketing that a new entrepreneur should utilize. If you are new in the business, setting up a new website, consider the following 4 social media tips for fast traffic. These are straight-forward, easy tips – but very powerful. Get some help on sites like elance.com or oDesk.com, if you need to outsource. And, if you need to create fun, interesting “baits”, try different advertising options on Fiverr.com (yes, it costs …

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    The Single Most Powerful Reason To Get Facebook Fans

    Lots of materials emerging on Facebook every day now. It’s exciting. From setting up a new profile, optimization of Facebook for search engines (SEO), adding pictures, videos and how to communicate with your fans and ‘likers’. This also includes basic human (one-to-one) communication strategies, how to elicit better/more responses from your audience, how and where to share personal and business-centric information, tools to help you structure an optimal Facebook experience for yourself and others. Of course, a profile is only part of the journey to Facebook success (defined broadly) for business success. You must also seriously take a look at …

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    8 Social Media Campaign Content Tools For a Better ROI

    Social Media can be of the most effective, but certainly popular ways to do Internet Marketing. The first part is only true if you create compelling content that social media will help you fuel. Companies make use of trending social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube to market their website and promote products and services. Today, more and more companies are creating their own social media campaigns to reach the target market they want. What content marketing strategies do companies use for a high performance, high-yield social media marketing program? Yes, we’re talking about ROI.

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