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    Learn SEO Basics – Crawling, Indexing And Ranking Insights For Business Owners

    If you’re getting started in  SEO (search engine optimisation) then it might seem like an impossible amount to learn. Optimisation is certainly a complex and multifaceted discipline and getting your head around it can mean fighting through a wall of misinformation and jargon. What doesn’t help much is the fact that SEO is constantly changing, meaning that what you learned a week ago won’t necessarily be true anymore. If this is the position you find yourself in, then what you need is a simple-to-understand and complete introduction that covers all the major themes and helps you to understand the process. …

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    5 Ways To Get Top Local Search Rankings in Google

    Google is the leader in search. The massive 67% ownership of the search market (comScore) shows how a business who occupies top spots in Google Search, can drive big traffic when done right.  A high authoritative and trusted website and relevant pages that Google loves will do it. That matters in local search engine optimization as well.  To attract more visitors (traffic) and get more sales (conversions) in 2014, your local business websites and listings must follow a few core principles. I’ll talk about those in this post, including some (free) local search engine tools to get you started.

    Increasing Effectiveness Of Your SEO Efforts: 4 Important Things That Are Easy To Overlook

    Quite a number of people these days spend huge sums of money doing SEO (search engine optimization) to increase sales for their sites. This means that if the process is not successful, you stand the chance of losing a lot of money and not getting back any profits, since you will not have many visitors coming over to your site. Fortunately, there are a number of things that you can do to increase the chances of making your SEO efforts more effective.

    Are You Constantly Patching Your Local Online Marketing Bucket Holes? (Here’s How To Fix It)

    Small businesses service millions of people across the USA and around the world, injecting billions of bottom line dollars across many levels of business. Without them (us) – the economy would collapse. That is one thing the political candidates agree on, whether it’s the republican or democratic side of the isle. But here and now, YOU – as a business owner – a dentist, doctor, plastic surgeon, plumber, restaurant-owner, florist, web designer or Entrepreneur of too many niche markets to count, only care about a few things: a) how to get more patients, customers, clients from phone calls, foot-traffic & …

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    7 Rules of the SEO Money Making Game You Didn’t Know About

    In a recent radio interview (here), I discussed the key strategies you should consider for your website optimization now. While the conversation gets into some level of detail (some listeners considered this more advanced), optimizing for search, social and your web pages starts and ends with these 3 principles: Acquire relevant, quality traffic (not just ‘any’ traffic, that’s too easy) Present a solid offer & message (for each page) Build and track your conversions (do you have one?) BONUS: As you capture information, nurture and give valuable content to your prospect over time

    4 SEO Tracking Tools You Need to Use

    Many people know the importance of using search engine optimization (SEO) to have a more successful online presence. SEO that is done correctly can improve your site’s ranking on search engines as well as drive more traffic to your site. In order to know if your SEO tactics are successful, you’re going to want to track them. Tracking your SEO campaigns can help you determine which tactics are working and which, if any, are not.

    Google Adwords Proposal Generator Sales Tool

    If you are looking to generate more paid traffic on Google and would like an OFFICIAL keyword and traffic proposal from Google, what do you do? How about running your website (actually, page) through their own Google Adwords Proposal Tool and get the results on screen, as well as in a PDF adwords proposal downloaded immediately? (SEO example, Wikipedia) Here’s how it works.

    Your Adwords Account Scam-Banned By Google? Here is Why.

    24 hours a day, when you are awake and sleeping – both software and humans at Google are working to figure out if you are scamming Google with your Adwords account(s). The results can be devastating. The software and related systems scan information – from ads, webpages, links and much more — while hundreds of Google Adwords Spam/Scam Police watch (yes, humans) and monitor any red flags sent by the software agents. This may and will have implications for you. Even if you are legit. You can get inadvertently get caught in it. Here’s why.

    Google Click-to-Teleport Extensions Adwords

    Google creates and makes improvements to products all the time, and in the case of the search engine, pretty much every day. In one of my Adwords accounts, I noticed a new feature which is sure to below many businesses away (literally). It’s the new “Click-To-Teleport” feature. The benefits? While there are many, the one standing out is the “driving in-store sales”. Customers will literally simply appear. Here’s how it works.

    The Official 12 SEO Tactics for 2012 You Must Know

    As search engines and the online user community advance and mature, a fun and important to-do, is watching how the web evolves. (Not sure who’s wagging who or what). But, it’s exciting to see the changes in terms of the content, multi-media, rich applications and user experiences now available. HTML5 is coming up fast, and Flash is taking a plunge into the dirt. These changes are true across many devices, from web browsers to portable devices like smartphones and iPads. And, a prognosis by Morgan Stanley says that there will be more people using portable devices for the Internet in …

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