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    What Conflict Is Your Business Prospect Having?

    Positioning and promoting your product/service for YOUR market is a highly beneficial strategy. The outcome can and will be significant. Determining the exact audience of your product that is a match for that target, is a winning model. With your solution and offer, you are answering the (hopefully) hungry desires from your market. And, they will respond to your offers a 100 times faster and better, and with conviction — because you can help them (and care). See, the old ‘mass marketing’ model born in the industrial revolution is disappearing. The idea that you are or can be different, serving a changing …

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    These Next 5 Minutes Will Be Worth Thousands For Your Business

    I often get asked: “what’s the fastest and best marketing channel you know of (to get more clients & business)”? Of course, without understanding their unique situation, a blanket statement will not work. Imagine if I said that SEO or PPC were the best options, always. That would be biased, and not serving them well. However, there is one answer that is true in ALL cases, NO MATTER WHAT. It’s the one answer that will be of great value to you and your business…EVERY TIME! Let’s dig in, shall we?

    How To Start Measuring Social Media Intelligently

    We know that social media is nothing more than media that is social. If so, why do many businesses have trouble thinking about, or even starting their social media journey? We are not that a-social, are we? Hmmm… It appears that way. See, when you are invited to a friend’s BBQ, or a local office party network mixer – you listen more than you talk, right? Two ears, one mouth, etc – we know what to do. But… Somehow – when sitting behind the computer, all we do is send people and networks messages about “us”, “our products”, “our services”. …

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    8 Revealing Reasons To Use Social Media For Your Business – Or DIE

    Image by Charlene Li via CrunchBase Much is written on the topic of social media and its use within personal and business connectivity and engagement. While the new knowledge workers understand the keys to social media, there is still a vast number of businesses not embracing social media – even just a little. Entrepreneur Magazine featured a post this week about how social media is changing the way we do business. Read it here. A combination of “I’ll get to it later”, “don’t know where to start”, or  ”my business is different” are all silent killers as we all move …

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    How To Quickly Increase Business Marketing Revenue Now

    When a snowball rolls down a hill, it grows bigger because it picks up more and more snow as gravity takes it down the incline. Getting heavier and heavier, the snowball is prone to take on more and more snow as time goes on. Your product launch should not stop at the top of the hill. And it’s the add on products you create which will help you build a larger snowball and start moving down the hill. If you’ve taken the time to look around the internet, you’ve probably realized one thing: some gurus just add on any product …

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    Jeremy Schoemaker (shoemoney) Secrets To Success

    I was scheduled to train a leading website solutions company on SEO. It had been set up months before, and I was getting excited to meet the company executives, learn more about their people, processes and specifically questions around search engine optimization and online marketing. They already had seen much success. The company had worked both hard and smart, and over just a few short years had built it out, and with impressive list of clients. Furthermore, their leadership understood that money spent into learning and educating themselves, is truly a wise investment. My 1.5 days of SEO training would …

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    Are You A Passionate Online Marketer?

    Cover of Bill Gates The goal of marketing is to find and then keep customers by creating a strong bond between you and them. It is so much more than just selling. It is more about developing a relationship with customers so that they want to do business with you again and again. You identify your passion and then turn that passion into a business. A successful internet business simply cannot rely only on the old rules of marketing. It takes much more than marketing hype to succeed online. Too many books on internet marketing only focus on the mechanics …

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    How To Bounce Back: Become an Even More Resilient Business

    There is a book named Results and it looks at various organizations and their cultures. The book was written by Gary L. Neilson and Bruce A. Pasternack (Crown Business, October 2005, 320p). The purpose of the book is to identify the personality and characteristics of various businesses. What are yours? (and does it matter?)

    A Startup Guide: How To Find Clients For Local Online Businesses

    If you are building a business to service other clients online, you need to know how to position yourself so that they can a) find you, and b) see your offers and understand what you do easily. If you are just starting out with your service business, you are likely to find your first opportunities right in your local market place. Image via Wikipedia Communications is at the heart of e-commerce and community. - Meg Whitman Stop by Starbucks, grab a coffee or hot chocolate, and drive around your neighborhood. Here are some likely businesses you’ll see: Which businesses here are …

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    5 Little Known Offsite Website Traffic Secrets

    As you look at the different ways to expand your visibility online, you’ll likely look to “obvious” marketing channels like press releases, pay per click, emails and banner advertising. The truth is, the nature of conquering the marketing beast is more aptly done by using additional, much more targeted opportunities for brand lift. In the book “12 easy ways to make millions for your business”, author Mary-Ellen Tribby talks about the multiple marketing channels you should now consider for your empire building. To attain and sustain success in today’s dynamic business environment, it’s no longer enough to be good at …

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