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    How Small Business Lead Generation Is Done In 4 Easy Steps

    Leads and lead generation is the lifeblood of any business, online or off.  A system for client attraction must be put in place at the start of any new business. It must be continually tested. It must evolve from change and validated for positive return every step of the way. There are many different ways to attract new clients into your business. In fact, the myriad of options that exist may actually throw you off. You test one thing, it doesn’t work – moving right on to the second, third and fourth thing. You get discouraged and claim it’s all …

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    VIDEO: How To Generate More Cash Online In 4 Days Using This Sales Process

    As you’ve seen in the previous videos – I showed you how you can generate leads with no marketing budget (video #1), how you could build out a structure of an online lead magnet or human grabber (video #2) so that your audience could get more information. And, you could now begin to serve + engage with them. This will be fully explained in today’s post and video (below). In this business building system presentation today (video #3), you’ll see how to turn on your revenue in a much bigger way. And, it’s been systematized. So, you build it once, …

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    Help! I Need Leads But I Have No Marketing Budget (VIDEO For Beginner Marketers)

    We all had to start somewhere when launching our business. Most of us were not born into a situation where money for marketing was just handed out. You had to learn, earn and invest what you could. Today, with the interwebs, there are some cool strategies that can help you be smarter about how you generate leads …and starting with a minimum budget. But, truthfully – there is either time or money (or both), right?  Time costs money, but it’s not necessarily cash out of your wallet. So, watch this marketing video, and learn what 4 things you can do …

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    Guest Blogging Vs Article Marketing: Which is Better?

    It is important to make comparisons between guest blogging and article marketing when looking for the ideal marketing tools for promoting your business. You will find that the two strategies are poles apart since guest blogging has superior advantages when compared to article marketing. Below are some of the reasons why guest blogging strategically overshadows article marketing. Do you agree?

    5 Most Important Tips Your Business Needs To Know About Facebook

    Once restricted to use by individuals (students), Facebook has become a valuable business tool, both as a communication tool, but also as a (social) traffic and leads generating one. If becoming a Facebook social media marketer makes you wonder where to begin, here are five things you should do on Facebook for your company and small business. We assume that you have a profile set up on Facebook already. You’ll need to set up and verify your account via the mobile option and email. Let’s get started.

    Insiders Social Media Steps for Small Business Marketing

    You have a website set up and you are creating great blog posts right? Now, what is the next step to promoting the company’s business? Your next step is social media marketing. The term social media simply means that you are using social skills and methods to market (and it’s not just online). It is the flip of what those commercials do. It’s a give-to-gain model, and sharing-is-caring… Imagine a company placing commercials on television or big banners along a freeway. In doing so, they are trying to convince you to come to them and get you to act on …

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    An Honest Ultimate Website Search Engine Optimization Review

    “As a primer for online marketing, there are few books that have both the breadth and the scope of Rognerund’s latest edition…” – Logan Lo, Technology Attorney This was a very honest and direct review of my new SEO book, available in the bookstores this month. Some other quotes: “The extent of Rognerud’s knowledge is evident in his well-thought-out and researched book. Moreover, he also manages to exude an earnestness regarding the reader’s success, as if he’s rooting for you to follow his direction and succeed.” Some concerns Mr. Lo had: “In the end, the only real complaint is that …

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    How To Get Lots Of Cheap And Fast Traffic To Your Website

    Image via Wikipedia How often do you hear of something being easy, cheap or fast when it comes to driving traffic to your website? In this quick blog post, you’ll learn a couple of steps to get exactly that. And, you will be in control of the traffic. You can turn the web traffic on and off at will. While this should be used as a normal marketing activity and be tested – it can help you not only with traffic, but qualify pages for best possible conversion and lead generation. This can be used across many marketing campaigns, including …

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    Are You A Passionate Online Marketer?

    Cover of Bill Gates The goal of marketing is to find and then keep customers by creating a strong bond between you and them. It is so much more than just selling. It is more about developing a relationship with customers so that they want to do business with you again and again. You identify your passion and then turn that passion into a business. A successful internet business simply cannot rely only on the old rules of marketing. It takes much more than marketing hype to succeed online. Too many books on internet marketing only focus on the mechanics …

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    How To Change Your Marketing Attractors With One Word

    The direction of change to seek is not in our four dimensions: it is getting deeper into what you are, where you are, like turning up the volume on the amplifier. -Thaddeus Golas, author If you can make money selling products or services, that’s awesome. Image via CrunchBase But if you can get more than one income stream flowing, that’s even better. In fact, you may think of it as “backup” plans for when the master plan doesn’t work out (most businesses fail in the first 4 years). It can become your cushion, and exactly what you need to start …

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