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    How To Create Effective Tweets in 7 Easy Steps

    Twitter is a powerful tool when used right. In fact, social media is a great way to get your messages and overall visibility out there, if done right. Twitter, which started as a “silly little” internal messaging tool at a small startup company is now used world-wide. Some love it, cannot live without it – others, uh – not so much. However, do not discount this “underdog” social media platform. Learn how to set up Twitter, and make sure to following along, take notes – to create more effective tweets for your business.

    How To Start Measuring Social Media Intelligently

    We know that social media is nothing more than media that is social. If so, why do many businesses have trouble thinking about, or even starting their social media journey? We are not that a-social, are we? Hmmm… It appears that way. See, when you are invited to a friend’s BBQ, or a local office party network mixer – you listen more than you talk, right? Two ears, one mouth, etc – we know what to do. But… Somehow – when sitting behind the computer, all we do is send people and networks messages about “us”, “our products”, “our services”. …

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    Secrets To Celebrity Marketing Using YouTube Videos

    Image via Wikipedia If you are marketing online for celebrities, what follows are good tips for you to watch for, and take action on. You can share these with your celebrity client too. Education is important, so don’t try to hide this stuff from them. Make it a team effort. Their input will be vital to your success. Video is where your celebrity wants to be anyway, so why not make it a part of the marketing campaign that will make them a household name, if they aren’t already? You need to keep in mind that there are several different …

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    7 Stupid Facebook Mistakes (That You Can't Afford)

    Image by Getty Images via @daylife Facebook is a powerhouse of a social networking platform. Over 500,000,000 million users and going for 600 million around the corner. Lots of activity (understatement of the year). This is a post about mistakes you should not make when you are thinking about using Facebook as a platform for friend building – and customer building (read: Facebook ads) *isn’t it really one and the same? What are the 7 mistakes you are making using Facebook today?

    5 Secret Facebook Cross Promotion Ideas For Social Expansion

    If you have created a Facebook account and a fan page to go along with your overall marketing strategy, you’ll also want to promote your page to gain a greater following. Let’s show you how you roll them out! Remember, announcements on your fan page about upcoming sales, giveaways, sweepstakes or big news cost you nothing to send out to your fan base. It will serve you well to grow your base by as much as possible. And, the power of “social proof” can help as well. Studies show that pages that have many fans (friends) and “likes” do better …

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