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    What is SEO? (Search Engine Optimization)

    Do you know what SEO means? (It sounds like ‘CEO’, but that ain’t it…) More importantly, do you know how to apply it for your online business? And, get results from it? (ranking, traffic and more)? Watch this fun and entertaining video explaining the inner secrets of search engine optimization (SEO). This is from our authority SEO friends at searchengineland.

    Increasing Effectiveness Of Your SEO Efforts: 4 Important Things That Are Easy To Overlook

    Quite a number of people these days spend huge sums of money doing SEO (search engine optimization) to increase sales for their sites. This means that if the process is not successful, you stand the chance of losing a lot of money and not getting back any profits, since you will not have many visitors coming over to your site. Fortunately, there are a number of things that you can do to increase the chances of making your SEO efforts more effective.

    Want To Learn How To Use WordPress To Get Better Website Performance?

    What are some of your top questions around building websites? I get questions all the time and common topics that arise are: design (what’s the best design to use?) development (who should I get to build it, and how long does it take?) structure & layout (what’s the best way to architect my site for users and search engines?) branding (how much time should I spend on branding initiatives, how important is it?) graphics (where can I get them, should I use images over Flash/moving animation, videos, etc?) cost (is it expensive?) These are a starting points for many, but …

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    7 Rules of the SEO Money Making Game You Didn’t Know About

    In a recent radio interview (here), I discussed the key strategies you should consider for your website optimization now. While the conversation gets into some level of detail (some listeners considered this more advanced), optimizing for search, social and your web pages starts and ends with these 3 principles: Acquire relevant, quality traffic (not just ‘any’ traffic, that’s too easy) Present a solid offer & message (for each page) Build and track your conversions (do you have one?) BONUS: As you capture information, nurture and give valuable content to your prospect over time

    4 SEO Tracking Tools You Need to Use

    Many people know the importance of using search engine optimization (SEO) to have a more successful online presence. SEO that is done correctly can improve your site’s ranking on search engines as well as drive more traffic to your site. In order to know if your SEO tactics are successful, you’re going to want to track them. Tracking your SEO campaigns can help you determine which tactics are working and which, if any, are not.

    How to Sell Big Ticket SEO

    SEO specialists and SEO sales corporations are constantly looking for that big ticket that will keep them occupied, and well paid, for months or years to come. Large corporations know that they need a web presence and therefore, they are looking for individuals and companies that can provide this service for them. The problem is that you must convince them that you are the right person for the job, which can be incredibly painstaking if you do not go about it the right way. Luckily, all you need to do is follow a few steps to get yourself on the right path …

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    5 SEO Marketing Tips For Real Estate Marketers

    The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategies used for the real estate web sites are essentially the same employed in other industries. There is a marked difference, however, with regard to the profit potential that can be realized with the right online marketing strategy for a real estate business. The bottom line can be greater. This  is why it is important for real estate agents and brokerage offices to pay close attention to how their web sites are being marketed.

    SEO Conversion Expert Gab Goldenberg Unlocks The Secrets To SEO Success

    Jon: Hey everybody this is Jon, your host, for the Executive Interview Series. The fancy name for basically experts and on line gurus to help us decipher the internet and much much more. Today get ready for Mr. Gab Goldenberg, Gabriel Goldenberg. We’ve been fortunate enough to get him on the horn here and we have some exciting insights. Boy he is certainly extremely knowledgeable about the SEO space. But perhaps even more importantly the business space, understanding how to convert your traffic to more money in the bank essentially. So without further ado let’s welcome Gab here. Hello Gab, …

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    Domain For Sale? 12 Domain Finder Tools For Faster SEO Traffic

    A great domain name by itself is powerful. It can and will create attention quickly, if you have selected and built it out well. And in social media environments (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) – the link and domain name (if seen) will give us a high click propensity if friendly, relevant and not spammy looking. So, are you looking to buy a domain? Are you trying to sell an existing domain, or several? We’ll cover 12 powerful tools for finding and selling domains for your search engine optimization benefit. And yes, finding and building out the perfect domain for your business …

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    7 Tips To Increase Web Traffic To Your Financial Business Site

    When financial service firms, advisors and funds build websites and starting their online business, the focus is on offerings and not how to bring in more web traffic. There is a quiet assumption that SEO is not important because people will automatically know the company by name and reputation. Nothing could be further from the truth. SEO (search engine optimization) for financial websites has resulted in a higher level playing field for brokers, hedge funds and other firms related to finance. The following list outlines seven simple ways to increase site traffic. It’s easy to start building your online business …

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