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    How To Make Money (anywhere in the world)

    Money makes the world go around, right? Or, was that love? Or, is that the energy from the solar nebula? Google says that the phrase “How To Make Money” is found in about 203,000,000 results (0.14 seconds). Those words are found on pages in the billion+ webpages from the Google index (a database of the inter-webs). Money related terms a highly sought after topic – people want security & shelter first, and money can provide that. When seeking information about what makes the world go ’round, we see (Google) results with broad variety, from music, an Ode To Bob Dylan (Blue …

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    [video] Expand Your Knowledge With Google Search in 3 minutes

    This short video unlocks the secrets behind the hugely popular and massive Google search engine. It answers questions you’ve always wanted to know about search and tips on how to optimize your own web pages too. A truly great insider’s grasp of the powerful search engine, it opens up new channels of information for you – and it’ll stretch your mind. Thank you, Mr. Matt Cutts.

    Violating Google Places Guidelines For Your Local Offices?

    If you are considering your local business to have a chance at being listed front and center on Google, you need to begin by setting up an account on Google Places (old: Google Business Center). This is one of the most important steps to managing your local business environment on Google. And, if you have a business with many (10,20,30+) business locations (physical offices), you would benefit from using “feeds” to upload and get started with managing several locations quickly. It’s pretty easy to do – but what if you get an email message like this: “Upon further review, we’ve …

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    Take 15 Free PPC Lessons For Google Adwords

    Is Google Adwords too difficult to use? But, you need it to build your online business? Outside of taking the time to learn (first), apply (second), stay up to date with all changes (third), and ongoing testing processes and tools (ongoing) – are you relegated to outsourcing the entire Adwords campaign management? The new updated Adwords Certification Program may be just what you need. (And, you don’t have to get certified if you don’t want/need to) What does the updated Adwords Training Curriculum cover?

    The Simple Secrets of Search Engine Page Link Quality Valuation

    Image by swisscan via Flickr How great is life when search engines place your website (pages) first in the search engine results, and for the keywords you are targeting? Like the picture here – it’s beautiful… Search engineers know links are important for search engine rankings (inbound links as well as your own website links). If you are a marketer, you don’t have to be a scientist to know that links are important for users too. In fact, the rule should be: “think users first, search engines second” when creating links. While the quantity of links to a page is …

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    How To Reveal The Right Keywords In The 5-Step Buying Funnel

    Search engines are quite simple when you get down to the basics. They find, capture and store information. Then, they send that data back from a search query. Input – Output, I/O. Humans, however – not as simple. In fact, extremely complex, from the neurons that make up the oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus (that is the mass of the human body). But when it comes to our mind, I request a minute of silence – in awe. There is no doubt about the colossal power of the ‘mind over matter’ expression. What I’m trying to get to, is …

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