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    Follow The Top 4 Best Practices for Social Media Success

    The growing world of social media is one of the most effective communication tools businesses have at their disposal. Social media outlets combine advertising, marketing and customer service into a personalized and user friendly format. The following best practices in social media will help you create and manage successful social media campaigns for your company.

    Startups: How To Avoid Social Media Marketing Mistakes

    As a brand new business, it is essential that you take steps to move in the right direction in terms of social media marketing. Hiring a Social Media Marketing Small Business strategist can go a long way in helping you meet the ever changing needs of business in social media and social networking. These specialists are well versed in everything that it takes to succeed in social media marketing on the Internet today. For example, you may believe it’s important to reach a higher follower count on Twitter, but the number may not matter as much as you think, and your …

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    8 Social Media Campaign Content Tools For a Better ROI

    Social Media can be of the most effective, but certainly popular ways to do Internet Marketing. The first part is only true if you create compelling content that social media will help you fuel. Companies make use of trending social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube to market their website and promote products and services. Today, more and more companies are creating their own social media campaigns to reach the target market they want. What content marketing strategies do companies use for a high performance, high-yield social media marketing program? Yes, we’re talking about ROI.

    Top 20 Tools To Help Social Media User Engagement and ROI Tracking

    Social media is cool. But, it’s not really great if all you’re doing is pushing buttons and nothing is happening. Your content (assuming you’re working on this several times a week) needs to be seen, and you and users should engage, communicate together. It’s a two-way deal. And, when I say ‘content’, don’t think “mine, mine, mine” – but share content and information that is useful to your audience from a variety of sources. When you do that – just like you would while sharing and listening to others at a business cocktail party, people tend to like you more. Social …

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    5 Things To Avoid In Social Media Marketing For B2B

    Image by Intersection Consulting via Flickr As stated in this b2b social media marketing tactics for 2011 post, it’s clear that social media is a communications vehicle your business needs to use. That particular article shows your B2B tactics and social research for what other companies have done — that works. Check it out (link above). While having a guide like that is very helpful, it’s also important to know what NOT to do. Some of the below may seem simple, almost obvious – but you’d be surprised to learn what I’ve seen. And, at the end of the post …

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    3 Hidden B2B Social Media Marketing Tactics for 2011

    Image via Wikipedia Social media marketing for business to business is here. Front and center, Facebook stands strong with a huge platform to share, collaborate and connect within. Close to 600 million users world-wide and growing. Facebook is a formidable competitor to Google when it comes to views/traffic, but still, they – as a social media channel – are fundamentally using a different approach to prospecting. You’ll have to learn how to update your ways. Search is intent-driven (they are looking for you), social media is about building relationships and communication (networking). B2B has not traditionally embraced social media as …

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    Is Social Media ROI Possible To Calculate?

    Image via Wikipedia The Social Media ROI discussion deserves a much longer post. However, I wanted to take a look at this from a mathematical approach and look at calculators that are available. It will get your mind stirring, if you are not familiar with how to measure SMM. And, as you’ll see – for social media calculators are flawed, and as it will certainly not be exact for all businesses. There are too many variables to capture an exact picture, and some things we don’t know until the social media program is under way. We also need time – …

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    Top 10 Social Media Marketing Consultants Los Angeles – The Expert List

    Social Media Experts Los Angeles When a small business is looking for help with social media marketing, they often will search for talent in their local community. And, with the search engines, and your Google account status and origin of search, your query results will display with a local dataset as much as possible (you can select or change location easily too). Marissa Mayer, Vice President of Location and Local Services at Google is further making this a cornerstone for local, social search. When you consider Google’s local search technology (maps, mobile, earth) and combine it with local social media strategies …

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    How Much To Charge Your Online Clients – A Simple Checklist

    You can make a great deal of money creating a marketing business on the web. However, most people are unsure how to present this to clients and further, they are unsure of what their service is worth. When you are talking about costs to the client, you need to position yourself properly. In all reality, within a few months, they could be doubling the number of customers they have because of the services you provide. Keep that in mind as you begin to talk with the client. But, as you’ll see there are many variables, and the needs are different. …

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    What is an Authority and Why Social Media Can Help

    The importance of authority and trust on the Internets should not be looked at lightly. It can do wonders for your brand, persona, client relationships, future engagements, validate pricing (increases) for service and products – and – Google. A trusted site will have lasting impact for positioning and more easily spider your site.  Let’s take a look at what it is, and how Social Media can put you there fast. The defining point for websites is the amount of authority or expertise they demonstrate in their particular niche. Defining authority in terms of website design and content is based on …

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