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    The Entertainment Factor Behind Ecommerce: Enjoying Rather Than Enduring Online Shopping

    When it comes to shopping online it just seems more rewarding as a consumer to find out about products and ultimately purchase them through a shared network of friends and associates. There is often a feeling of being in the know and also the reward of knowing you may have helped someone in your network find something they really needed. There is also reciprocal pleasure in the reverse of that; being assisted by a friend or associate in finding a good value in an item or service you have been searching for. The value is in the experience but how …

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    5 Most Important Tips Your Business Needs To Know About Facebook

    Once restricted to use by individuals (students), Facebook has become a valuable business tool, both as a communication tool, but also as a (social) traffic and leads generating one. If becoming a Facebook social media marketer makes you wonder where to begin, here are five things you should do on Facebook for your company and small business. We assume that you have a profile set up on Facebook already. You’ll need to set up and verify your account via the mobile option and email. Let’s get started.

    4 Real World Keys To Facebook Business Success

    Do you run your business on Facebook or Google? In this guest post, Mr. Cooper Elling breaks down his personal Facebook story, and why you ought to consider Facebook today. Facebook is an extremely powerful tool for business. Now that everyone seems to be on Facebook, your business can use it to connect with, well, almost everyone. Many people use the social networking site to create an active forum for users, and as another tool for brand or service awareness. But, what about actually running your business almost entirely with Facebook?

    Are You Jammin With Social Media? Look At This.

    How’s your social media experience going? Are you having fun with it? Are joining, listening, engaging? Enjoying the huge cocktail-party of the web, are you? Social media is simply ‘media that is social’. The two-way communication and interaction using social networks is a must in today’s online world (if you want to live under a rock, that’s your choice). This ‘new’ way of operating is true for both personal and business. (Interestingly enough, lots of searches exist for “how to delete my Facebook” account, and many requests come from mobile devices). But, if you find a social network and a …

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    Google's 2011 Billion Dollar Landing Page Makeover

    Image via Wikipedia When discussing how to create and transact business online – the idea of reaching a new potential visitor and customer to your website, and building a relationship with them is an exciting one. And, a frustrating one. True for all businesses – young or old. WHERE does that new connection first happen? Is it a via downloadable app, an ad, iAd, via a social network or group, email, search engines, a WordPress theme? (and a multitude of other options) There are many ways to lead the horse to water, so to speak. But – can you make …

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    Facebook Ads: New Audience Creator and Lead Generator

    Image via CrunchBase With Facebook reaching higher traffic numbers than Google, and with users nearing 600 million worldwide, you have a huge platform to share your message. Add the amazingly detailed demographics and geographic targeting options and competitive bidding, you have a people platform that cannot be ignored. Here are some tips to use Facebook advertising to its full potential.

    What To Do When Brand Reputation Mistakes Happen

    Image by Getty Images via @daylife Trust can be built up quickly using your unique messaging, tools and social networks. But it can also be destroyed just as quickly when it comes to the openness of the web. If something goes wrong (think about the iPhone 4.0 reception debacle), EVERYONE is going to hear about it – and in multiple forms of media. Of course, a smaller brand may have a lesser world-wide attention than Apple. The “wrong” may be an inadvertent post to a competitor, that somebody made a stink about internally. There are many different flavors. Here, I …

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    Secrets To Celebrity Marketing Using YouTube Videos

    Image via Wikipedia If you are marketing online for celebrities, what follows are good tips for you to watch for, and take action on. You can share these with your celebrity client too. Education is important, so don’t try to hide this stuff from them. Make it a team effort. Their input will be vital to your success. Video is where your celebrity wants to be anyway, so why not make it a part of the marketing campaign that will make them a household name, if they aren’t already? You need to keep in mind that there are several different …

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    Major News Break – Facebook Places Deals A Winning Blow

    Image by JKönig via Flickr A few things happen along the Internet timeline that changes the game. Today is such a day. Especially for local business opportunities and the growing mobile population. (Hey, biz owners: are you listening?) Introducing Facebook Deals. You are hopefully already familiar with Facebook Places (no, not Google Places). With Facebook places already set up, you can tell your friends about your place/location when you check-in. And – NOW: you get can get deals from these places, and share them with friends. Here’s what to do: You download the latest Facebook App (updated today). When touching …

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    7 Stupid Facebook Mistakes (That You Can't Afford)

    Image by Getty Images via @daylife Facebook is a powerhouse of a social networking platform. Over 500,000,000 million users and going for 600 million around the corner. Lots of activity (understatement of the year). This is a post about mistakes you should not make when you are thinking about using Facebook as a platform for friend building – and customer building (read: Facebook ads) *isn’t it really one and the same? What are the 7 mistakes you are making using Facebook today?

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