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    The Official 12 SEO Tactics for 2012 You Must Know

    As search engines and the online user community advance and mature, a fun and important to-do, is watching how the web evolves. (Not sure who’s wagging who or what). But, it’s exciting to see the changes in terms of the content, multi-media, rich applications and user experiences now available. HTML5 is coming up fast, and Flash is taking a plunge into the dirt. These changes are true across many devices, from web browsers to portable devices like smartphones and iPads. And, a prognosis by Morgan Stanley says that there will be more people using portable devices for the Internet in …

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    Who Else Wants More Money From Their Landing Pages?

    Did you know that your current landing page may be standing between you and hundreds, perhaps thousands of additional dollars sent to your business? Well, you are not alone, so I decided to write up some little known secrets to increase your profits online. Why bother with a landing page? Well – imagine the perfect sandwich. It contains a top, middle, bottom.  The acquisition of clients is the top part, the conversion (and the juicy part) the middle, and retention/back-end the bottom part.  If you can make all three in a perfect way, you can eat your way to a …

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    Best 3 B2B Website Design And Web Optimization Practices 2011

    Image via Wikipedia When creating business assets online, the corporate website itself sits as a master hub to (pretty much) everything. It’s the “money” site, and most everything goes through it. Branding, lead generation, information sharing, document repositories, custom landing pages, shopping cart, specialized application access for employees and much more. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the website is not only crucial for business success, but much discussed internally and externally. I have (sadly) witnessed hundreds of thousand of dollars spent on websites with little fore-thought to Search Engine Optimization – only to have to revisit and completely rewrite sections …

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    Was Your Google Traffic Penalized? (A Web Traffic Drop)

    The word ‘penalized’ or ‘penalization’ represents real horror in online business owner’s eyes. It’s like receiving a straight-to-jail card, and you don’t know why you got it… Those words are not cool while talking about Google and your site traffic. Often, the words may actually mean a “filter” of sorts – which feels less intense, but may have signficant consequences, none the less. There are key things to look at when web traffic drops happen, I’ll cover that shortly. It is something we either have dealt with directly, or tried to help others with (as an SEO traffic consultant). Much …

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    How To Understand SEO Keyword Research in 15 Minutes

    Search engine optimization aids in providing the best results for user search. The user’s intended query is answered. And, ‘search’ is a different model for the psychological approach & results, as compared to social media, for example. What the user searches for, the search engines deliver – as best they can. The exercise of optimizing pages to best match that query deals with many factors, but at the core sits keyword research. It affects on-page data, information architecture, links and at an emotional level – words that sell. Expanding SEO factors a little, we must deal with internal link structure, …

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    Why These 5 Adwords Tools Can Supercharge Your Profits

    If you’re a beginner, some of these tools may be a handful at first. However, in truth, they are all chock-full of information and online support, so that shouldn’t hold you back. Pricing varies, but you can watch demos, take free courses and sign up for a trial. So assuming that you are comfortable with the Adwords web interface by now, you should advance to more productive tools.  They will get you to faster profits and save you tons of time. Please see below a list of Google Adwords Powertools you may not know about: 1. http://www.adwordaccelerator.com/ (recommended). Issues solved: – …

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    SEO By SEO Gurus: Nathan Anderson Interview

    I recently began interviewing the illuminati of search engine marketing, SEO (search engine optimization) and social media marketing. In fact, you will see more detailed interviews over the coming weeks, leading up to the Search Engine Strategies show in San Jose, California (August 18). My first “victim” was a very courteous, direct and knowledgeable SEO guru –family man Nathan Anderson. What follows is a recent interview talking about SEO myths, some controversial topics and what he’s up to with his highly respected SEO Club. I met Nathan virtually last year through the Stomper Network (Andy Jenkins and Brad Fallon, creators) …

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