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    The Psychology of the $1 Million Dollar Web Traffic Trick

    The message is profound. It’s very serious. And super profitable. But, only for the businesses that know how traffic really works on the “Inter-webs”. We know that not all traffic is created equal. Right? Think about it for a moment. Let’s use an offline example: If I have the most amazing recipe for blueberry muffins, well known for it, and I have an awesome, physical store that’s located just in the “right” location, and I have hoards of potential customers in the neighborhood, and – even some who have traveled far… but – to get the best strawberry muffins (it’s a connoisseur …

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    11 Monster Ways To Improve Your Search Visibility

    Are you struggling to get your website or brand listed when people search for you? This post contains key areas of you to work on and think about, so that you can be found more easily online. The action and concept of ‘finding data’ is not just theory of course, it’s been around, and a proven technology & approach, for a long time. Search and Information Retrieval (IR) from small to large databases have been around for decades. But, before the Internet and the ease of access to tools and systems, you likely used either a local system (desktop), or your print …

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    Google's 2011 Billion Dollar Landing Page Makeover

    Image via Wikipedia When discussing how to create and transact business online – the idea of reaching a new potential visitor and customer to your website, and building a relationship with them is an exciting one. And, a frustrating one. True for all businesses – young or old. WHERE does that new connection first happen? Is it a via downloadable app, an ad, iAd, via a social network or group, email, search engines, a WordPress theme? (and a multitude of other options) There are many ways to lead the horse to water, so to speak. But – can you make …

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    The Simple Secrets of Search Engine Page Link Quality Valuation

    Image by swisscan via Flickr How great is life when search engines place your website (pages) first in the search engine results, and for the keywords you are targeting? Like the picture here – it’s beautiful… Search engineers know links are important for search engine rankings (inbound links as well as your own website links). If you are a marketer, you don’t have to be a scientist to know that links are important for users too. In fact, the rule should be: “think users first, search engines second” when creating links. While the quantity of links to a page is …

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    How To Generate Big SEO Traffic And Links To Your Website

    With all the marketing channels and lead generation opportunities at your hand – it may be hard to pick one to start with. Almost every day, I get questions like “should I start with PPC?” – “do you think SEO works and can it help me”? “Perhaps I should open a Facebook account?” Most often I get questions about (SEO) ranking – and I tell them – focus on “traffic and really – just conversions”. But, with a well-thought out marketing plan, with detailed competitive research and a built in follow-up system and content plan (various formats) – you really …

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    How To Reveal The Right Keywords In The 5-Step Buying Funnel

    Search engines are quite simple when you get down to the basics. They find, capture and store information. Then, they send that data back from a search query. Input – Output, I/O. Humans, however – not as simple. In fact, extremely complex, from the neurons that make up the oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus (that is the mass of the human body). But when it comes to our mind, I request a minute of silence – in awe. There is no doubt about the colossal power of the ‘mind over matter’ expression. What I’m trying to get to, is …

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    Was Your Google Traffic Penalized? (A Web Traffic Drop)

    The word ‘penalized’ or ‘penalization’ represents real horror in online business owner’s eyes. It’s like receiving a straight-to-jail card, and you don’t know why you got it… Those words are not cool while talking about Google and your site traffic. Often, the words may actually mean a “filter” of sorts – which feels less intense, but may have signficant consequences, none the less. There are key things to look at when web traffic drops happen, I’ll cover that shortly. It is something we either have dealt with directly, or tried to help others with (as an SEO traffic consultant). Much …

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    How To Understand SEO Keyword Research in 15 Minutes

    Search engine optimization aids in providing the best results for user search. The user’s intended query is answered. And, ‘search’ is a different model for the psychological approach & results, as compared to social media, for example. What the user searches for, the search engines deliver – as best they can. The exercise of optimizing pages to best match that query deals with many factors, but at the core sits keyword research. It affects on-page data, information architecture, links and at an emotional level – words that sell. Expanding SEO factors a little, we must deal with internal link structure, …

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    4 New Ways To Write Quality Content

    Since we know that search engines love text (it’s what they can “understand”) and users love quality content, how can you write the most relevant, traffic-capturing content to meet the requirements of both? The answer lies in focusing on the user first, not the other way around. How do you write quality content? You need to start by understanding the learning process of humans, what drives us and what makes us take action on something we see or hear. The best way is to get to the basics. Do you know how we learn and what our behavioral preferences are? …

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