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    SEO Website Redesign Issues – Chamber Of Commerce Website (What To Avoid)

    In this 5 minute video, I’ll show you some examples of practices that you should avoid when designing for users and search engines. They are both important to “get right”. In this case, I looked at the the Manhattan Beach Chamber of Commerce (great organization, by the way). The web designers did what they do best: created nice graphics and interesting layouts with no consideration for search engines and the overall experience from the searchable click … to the resulting page. While not all visitors will go through search, Google looks at overall ‘health’ of a website, and any page, …

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    What Makes A Great Website? (VIDEO)

    The WORLD’S GREATEST WEBSITE – does it really exist? Alrighty…We’re onto some heavy stuff here. We could also ask questions about the meaning of life,  our and your purpose on this planet and how and when the human race really began. How about mythical creatures – are they just that – myths – or did they ever exist? Nah, that’s just a waste of time when we already know the answer to the website question. There are only a few core things that make up the worlds greatest website. I hope you watch this video now, and learn what they …

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    Want To Learn How To Use WordPress To Get Better Website Performance?

    What are some of your top questions around building websites? I get questions all the time and common topics that arise are: design (what’s the best design to use?) development (who should I get to build it, and how long does it take?) structure & layout (what’s the best way to architect my site for users and search engines?) branding (how much time should I spend on branding initiatives, how important is it?) graphics (where can I get them, should I use images over Flash/moving animation, videos, etc?) cost (is it expensive?) These are a starting points for many, but …

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    The Art of SEO Email Link Spam (Not!)

    How many times have you received an email? A lot – we all do. Now, how about those ‘friendly’ emails that provide you a brief comment about how much they love your website? High frequency on that too, right? And, how often can you spot email spam over regular, ‘quality’ email? All the time. Not talking about email spam in general, but emails that come from seemingly nowhere asking you to give a link back to their site or page. Folks who are not familiar with this spammy tactic will often not know what to do. It’s as if they …

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    5 Keys To a Successful Internet Marketing Consulting Website

    If you are providing services as a consultant in today’s social internet, there are some important items you have to check mark. The way to construct a website has not changed that much over the years, however. It’s funny to me to see so much content written about successful websites, when the truth is – it’s rather simple. However, simple doesn’t always mean easy, and it explains why setting up websites are much discussed. In this post, we’ll talk about what you need to include as a consultant service website. Here are things to look into. It will ensure you …

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    5 Great Tips To Write A Good Sales Web Page

    Image by jmvx via Flickr When you see something that is very obvious or easy to you — you tend to not dig any further. But, if somebody just turns your head slightly, and points out a different view or angle, your eyes and ears light up in amazement. You ask: how come I couldn’t see THAT before? That’s exactly what happens when I explain to clients the process for writing and structuring their web page for sales conversions. Furthermore, if you ask a 100 people how much they like, or what they like about a particular website design, a …

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    Best 3 B2B Website Design And Web Optimization Practices 2011

    Image via Wikipedia When creating business assets online, the corporate website itself sits as a master hub to (pretty much) everything. It’s the “money” site, and most everything goes through it. Branding, lead generation, information sharing, document repositories, custom landing pages, shopping cart, specialized application access for employees and much more. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the website is not only crucial for business success, but much discussed internally and externally. I have (sadly) witnessed hundreds of thousand of dollars spent on websites with little fore-thought to Search Engine Optimization – only to have to revisit and completely rewrite sections …

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