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    Utilizing Social Media Networks in Small Business to Increase Success (Infographic)

    In today’s technological world, is it any wonder that most small business owners rely heavily on Internet resources to promote and advertise their services? When most people think of using the Internet to promote business, they think of search engines like Google and Yahoo. It may surprise you, however, to find that social media networks also have a great influence on customers and where they choose to take their business. So what are the social media networks that small businesses use to increase customers and sales?

    The Universal Laws Of YouTube Video Marketing With James Wedmore (Interview)

    Hey everybody, this is exciting here. We’ve got one heck of an interview coming up with one of the top leaders in the industry. In fact, James Wedmore is one of the most sought after authorities on video marketing. James is the founder of Video Traffic Academy, a 6,000 plus strong members’ community of small business owners leveraging the power of YouTube and video to grow their businesses on line.  He actually has a film degree from a prestigious LA Film School and James has taken his passion for video marketing to show anyone how to drive more traffic, attract more leads …

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    How To Succeed On The Internet In 3 Simple Steps (Fun Student Video)

    There is an idea that says: “build it, and they will come”. I’m here to tell you it’s a fallacy…unless you think about, plan and execute your _____________ (insert what you are creating here)…..well, “just right”. And, when it comes to the Internet at large, there is nothing worse than assuming that business or traffic to your websites and social media properties will just “happen”. There is a clear path to success online, if you know how. Now, much is written on this topic. There are many ways to drive traffic (visitors) to your pages, videos and multi-social (Twitter, Facebook, …

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    How To Triple Your Know-Like-Trust Factor With YouTube

    We all know that purchases are made on an emotional basis. We reason with logic (later). For example, when did you ever buy a new car from that sales person who featured 10 things that the BMW engine has, that a) nobody cares about (really), and b) you never even heard about? Sure, it’s great to talk about, but it’s really the envy of your friends, neighbors and the FEELING you get from driving it that buys you confidence, freedom and success.

    8 Social Media Campaign Content Tools For a Better ROI

    Social Media can be of the most effective, but certainly popular ways to do Internet Marketing. The first part is only true if you create compelling content that social media will help you fuel. Companies make use of trending social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube to market their website and promote products and services. Today, more and more companies are creating their own social media campaigns to reach the target market they want. What content marketing strategies do companies use for a high performance, high-yield social media marketing program? Yes, we’re talking about ROI.

    How To Create Amazing YouTube Videos

    In today’s world of social networks and rich media — like videos — you’ll be left behind if you don’t consider using them for your business and online marketing. However, not all videos are created equal. Every industry requires a certain approach. And, one that speaks to their audience. If you are in the entertainment industry, a video on how to upgrade your Windows system will not work well for you. You need to research the competition, see what others are doing in your market. Then, try to be unique and different. You’ll often hear this: “You should build amazing …

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    Insiders Social Media Steps for Small Business Marketing

    You have a website set up and you are creating great blog posts right? Now, what is the next step to promoting the company’s business? Your next step is social media marketing. The term social media simply means that you are using social skills and methods to market (and it’s not just online). It is the flip of what those commercials do. It’s a give-to-gain model, and sharing-is-caring… Imagine a company placing commercials on television or big banners along a freeway. In doing so, they are trying to convince you to come to them and get you to act on …

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    31 Simple Ways To Generate (mostly) FREE Web Traffic

    Web traffic is the lifeblood to web masters and online business owners. It’s a lonely place without traffic and you will not survive in business without it. However, not all traffic is created equal. If I told you I could get 1,000 new visitors by tomorrow for only $10.00 – would you take it? (I hope you said “no”). Targeted traffic is much more important. Here is a list of traffic tools or tactics you might want to look into. Some of these you can start yourself. (The list is not categorized or organized in any order of importance). It …

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    3 Hidden B2B Social Media Marketing Tactics for 2011

    Image via Wikipedia Social media marketing for business to business is here. Front and center, Facebook stands strong with a huge platform to share, collaborate and connect within. Close to 600 million users world-wide and growing. Facebook is a formidable competitor to Google when it comes to views/traffic, but still, they – as a social media channel – are fundamentally using a different approach to prospecting. You’ll have to learn how to update your ways. Search is intent-driven (they are looking for you), social media is about building relationships and communication (networking). B2B has not traditionally embraced social media as …

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    Does Google Still Rule Video Views? (surprising)

    Most of us see (on a daily basis) and know (for a while now) that video is heavily consumed online. From humor to sex, and anything in between. The blended results of media (videos, images, books, news) in search engines, for example – are proof of this transition and movement. It’s exciting for business owners also, because “anybody” can do a quick video with tips to help their clients and get their message spread out there. Making sure your promote and get videos uploaded to the places people are looking and re-visiting is key. Which destination online has now overtaken …

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